Thursday, November 3, 2011

What I'm Doing

What have I been doing? A little bit of everything! My SweetArt Line has done great and been so much fun for me to create. People kept telling me to put it on stationery and I finally did it. And I love it. This is just one design. I actually have four different designs. I am in the process of updating my blog and web site so you will be able to purchase stationery online. If you need some before then just send me an email or message by way of facebook.
I just finished teaching a six week painting class and now I am hoping to get back to painting myself. I have missed being in my studio for just me. Thankyou all for your encouraging words and for peaking in my studio. You know me, its always a holiday in my studio and we are always doing something fun!

Art Journal

I am enjoying every time I get to be in my studio. Painting, gluing , talking, journaling....whatever I do as long as I am creating something I am in heaven. These couple of pages from my journal are created with paint, stencils, stamps, markers, pen, whatever I can find that is not tied down. The sky is the limit.

Art journaling is one of my favorite things to do. Playing with color and cool techniques! This particular journal is  loaded with color and fun. I am journaling with a precious group of girls through their senior year. What a treat for me! I love it!!!!

I am teaching senior girls on wednesday nights  to art journal. We are having so much fun!  I hope you enjoyed peaking at some of my journal. Art journaling is so much fun. There are no rules and you can do whatever you wish. It is a fun way to make a memory or journal an adventure or just record personal thoughts in a creative way. Try it! You will love it! Thank you for dropping by and being interested in my journey!
love love love Ruthie


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