Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful blog #2

Beach Talk
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I am so glad you stopped by! I can't tell you how much it means to me that you would take  time out of your day to be  a part of mine! Thank you!
I actually have a list a mile long of things I'm thankful for, and choosing just one a day has already proven to be quite the challenge!
So today I've chosen to be thankful for diet coke and great conversation! I love them both and they go really well together! For example I love when MaryCam and Towns come home from college and they go straight to the refrigerator to get an ice cold diet coke, pull a chair up to the island, pop the top and conversation flows as freely as that diet coke. I have so many memories of sweet conversations over a diet coke. Probably my favorites are the countless conversations I've had with my family on the beach. My husband packs the cooler (better than anyone I know I might add) with 5 diet cokes, a coke for Luke and a Dr. Pepper for KK. We hit the beach just in time to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before it magically disappears into the ocean. We arrange our chairs in a semi circle so we can all see each other and we sip our drinks and talk and laugh until the moon comes up. MaryCam, Towns, KK, and I talk about projects we want to do from sewing to painting to cooking. The boys talk about land or camp or hunting or trucks. We talk about books, college. careers, weddings all kinds of fun things. The sky is the limit when you're sitting on the beach with a diet coke. Dreams feed your soul and sharing them out loud gives them life. All that beach talk over a diet coke makes my heart smile! My cup runs over!!!
I am thankful for diet coke and good conversation! What about you? Have you had your diet coke and a good conversation lately? Let me know! I love hearing from you!
I am thankful for you! love love love Ruthie


  1. love this.

    love dc. especially when it is reeeeaaalllly cold.

    okay, now i have to round up a friend to drink one with me tomorrow and have a good conversation :)

  2. Coffee in the bookstore with you....Priceless!