Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful blog #17

Twinkle LightsToday I am thankful for twinkling lights. I could even eat cottage cheese if it was wrapped in twinkling lights. I love them. I had a couple of errands to run yesterday and in two of the four places I went I was surrounded by wreaths and garland and twinkle lights. So yes, I came home with all of it. So KK  and I turned on Christmas music and hung garland in the kitchen, the den, and up the bannister. Then we loaded it down with white Christmas lights. Oh my goodness! It not only smelled divine, it looked absolutely fantastic! The boys came in while we were cleaning up and they both were so awesome to encourage KK and me. It was not hard to see how proud we were of our handiwork. Both boys said it looked great and was beginning to look a lot like christmas.
Then Eddie came home. Girls, I've told you this before, but as fabulous as men are they are not mind readers. If you want them to know something you have to tell them. If you wait for them to notice things like a new hair cut or new outfit or a clean house...you might be waiting for a really long time and then we all know at the end of the day you get your feelings hurt. So I met Eddie at the door saying something like.."Oh my word baby, KK and I have worked so hard all afternoon you won't believe, I mean look here, look there, can you smell it, wait till you see the bannister, can you stand it? don't you love it? Isn't it fabulous? Aren't the lights gorgeous? Honestly there was absolutely no doubt I was looking for compliments and my sweet husband rose to the occasion! I love it! He didn't even ask how much it cost! I love that even more!
I decided this year I'm going to really decorate beautifully, do a few things differently, and best of all put twinkle lights every where!
As I blog under the lights, I am thankful for twinkle lights!
Love love love Ruthie

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