Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful Blogging

Blogging Challenge

Today I was at the bookstore with my twins and we got a diet coke and a muffin and went to the back of the store to sit in our favorite spot. I stopped by the magazines first to find something to read and there was a new issue of one of my favorite magazines. What a treat for me because I didn't know it was time for anew one. I grabbed it and met the twins in "our aisle." They both laughed at me as I smiled and rubbed the front cover and touched each letter and each picture and anticipated the treasures I would find on every page. "Artful Blogging" by Somerset Studios is only one of my favorite magazines published by Somerset Studios. It allows me to peek inside the lives of people who create art from their souls. It's a special place where artists share thoughts , dreams, successes, and even struggles. It's truly inspirational!
Today I did not even get passed the letter from the editor and I was so inspired. She challenged herself to blog everyday in August. I read her thoughts and barely finished before my brain was clicking 100 miles an hour. So I thought it's November, thanksgiving is around the corner, I am going to blog every day this month(starting today) of something I am thankful for. So here is  my first "thankful blog."
This post is a no brainer and definitely first on my list. I am most thankful for my sweet husband and our five precious children! I eat them up!
I had the opportunity to speak to a group of young moms a couple of weeks ago. In attempt to explain    how I became a wife and mama of 5, I told them that I never played with dolls. My barbies were art projects. I made their clothes out of scrap fabrics and glued them on their bodies. I painted their hair, cut their hair, and hung cool stuff in their hair. I rarely baby sat, and if you asked me what I was going to be when I grew up I would answer artist, and a country music star.
I never made it on stage with tight jeans and cowboy boots, but I am an artist and I love it. But hands down, my greatest joy is being a wife to my amazing man and a mama to our five children. Jesus has called each of us by name and we are His. I am truly thankful.
Thanks for dropping by! I love it! I will see you again tomorrow!!  love love love Ruthie

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