Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's a Southern Thing

The Taco Bar
Oil on Canvas Panel
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Blue Giraffe
Watercolor, Florida

Hi! So glad you came by! I just made myself a spinach salad with grilled chicken and strawberries and of course, fabulous croutons. This is a painting of The Taco Bar in Seaside, Fla. So good! You name it and they can put it in a taco! Anyway it got me thinking about everything we say with food. We take food to friends when they are sick, having company, having a baby, having children home from school, funerals , weddings, birthdays....truly the list goes on. The other day one of my best friends brought my family dinner just because! I love that! Is that such a southern thing or what? I was flat on my back the week after easter with some crazy muscle thing. My sweet mama brought me dinner. I laid on my floor on ice for 4 whole days.(For those of you that know me well, know I had to be in some serious pain not to move for that long.) Our home has never been so quiet or felt so empty as I lay on the floor watching the clock tick. Everyone else's life goes on at a lightening speed pace and I lay there longing for my children to get home from school just to hear their footsteps in the house. At dinner time I was sad not to be in the middle of dinner conversation. I felt helpless and and of course a little guilty as my family cooked and cleaned and served me on the floor. That night as I lay their with tears in my eyes the Lord sweetly reminded me of one of my best friends who struggles with unbelievable back and head pain every day. I thanked Him for allowing me to get even a tiny glimpse into her life. She is an amazing girl. In her pain she encourages me. She told me the other day that you have to find joy in the pain. As much as I hurt that day, I would be better in a week. Today my friend battles everyday to overcome her pain. Some days she wins other days she struggles to get past the starting line, but she is never beaten. She is a Joy in my life! My desire is to be a joy in hers. Take some food to someone this week...just because!!!

Thanks for stopping by! My door is always open. love love love Ruthie