Friday, February 14, 2014

Be My Valentine!

IMG_3030Happy Valentines Day! This is by far my favorite holiday! It's all about love! I love love! Yesterday, Towns called and thanked me for instilling a love for Valentines Day in our family! She was busy making valentines for her roommates and rice crispy hearts for teacher friends and cookies for her students! The twins were making valentines for MiMi all afternoon, Mary Cam was delivering flowers to girls in her youth group and Luke came home for lunch with me and MiMi. How fun is that? Making, creating, giving...thinking of others. What's not

[caption id="attachment_2192" align="alignleft" width="223"]Art Journal: He is enough Art Journal: He is enough[/caption]

to love?

Valentines is not about sitting around waiting for the flower guy to arrive or the chocolate heart to mysteriously appear at your door. It's about giving your heart to those around you. It's about making a card or sending a note without expecting anything in return. It's thinking of others. It's putting someone's heart before your own and reminding them that they are loved. Is that the coolest thing ever? I love it! Valentines day is not just February 14, it's really every day. We need to love everyday.....say it out loud! Say it with a note or a card or better person! That's my favorite thing! I really love it when it catches someone off guard and they are left

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speechless! But I know they love it, because we were created in the image of God and He IS love. Not only is He love, but because He loves so much He sent His only son to die on the cross to save you from your sins so that you could live eternally with Him in Heaven. The greatest Valentine of all!!!! John 3:16

You are loved! Live like it! Share it! Show it! Give it! Wear something pink today and tell someone you love them. God is love. He is enough!                                                               I I Love you! Ruthie


Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Big Rabbit

[caption id="attachment_2187" align="alignleft" width="200"]The Big Rabbit The Big Rabbit[/caption]

To the Big Rabbit,

I was in Mr. Frank's garden today. I was a little nervous to go under then fence by myself. I forgot how fluffy my fur is sometimes and Big Rabbits are so good at helping little rabbits when they get stuck. I found the spot that we alway got through, and it was easy. The grass was worn and I could still see your paw prints from our last adventure in the garden. I was afraid to hop around by myself. I've never been in the garden alone, so I just snuggled down right by the fence where I felt safe. It was very quiet and a little scary in the dark of the morning, but I remembered you said that bunnies love the morning time. So I did try to love it, but I had tears on my whiskers and it made it hard to see. I could hear the birds waking up and singing a little. I remember you would try to sing with them. I miss that! My ears were really heavy, but with every sound I would try to lift them up to listen for all the little creatures that you introduced me to. They were all there singing, and chirping and croaking. Sweet familiar sounds that were more like love notes for me. And then it happened. Mr Sun peeked his head over the edge of the meadow and dried my tears and invited me into the garden. The higher the sun got, the better I could see all the trails you made for me and the forts we made to hide from Mr. Frank. I found carrots and radishes just like you showed me, and I quickly remembered how sweet the dew tasted dripping from the lettuce leaves. That was one of my favorite things you taught me.

Thank you for loving the Little Rabbit every day and for teaching me how to love all the little creatures in the garden. Thank you for  showing me how to find the very best carrots and give them away to everyone we hopped by. My adventures in the garden will be different, but I'm not afraid anymore. I know you are in the garden this morning with Jesus snuggled at His feet. Thank you for teaching about Jesus. I cant wait to meet Him face to face. Save me a spot in the grass next to you. I miss the Big Rabbit so much that sometimes I think I won't be able to stand it. But I will see you again! and I can't wait to be hopping around heaven with you and singing with angels. I love you with all my heart.                                                                                            The Little Rabbit