Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Senior Girls 3

I so loved being with you wed.night. Your journal pages are fabulous! I so hope you are enjoying creating your art journal as much as I am! You are doing such an amazing job and you inspire me to both create and write!
The past couple of weeks we've talked about justification. Remember the very simple definition? Just as if I 'd never sinned? By grace we are saved by faith. (Ephesians 2:8-9) God sweetly and freely takes our sin away and sees us as righteous.
When Eddie and I were newly married I will never forget my first birthday. First let me say I'm not a big gift person so I really did not give my sweet husband any help on choosing a birthday present for me. I'm big on spending time together. My favorite gift is being with Eddie by myself even if we are just riding around in his truck with an icee. However, being my first birthday since being married I understand his need to have something for me with a bow on it. My birthday finally arrived and my baby could hardly wait for me to open my gifts. I say "gifts" but I really only remember one gift. It was a good size box with lots of pink ribbon and a "Laura Ashley" sticker on top. I loved Laura Ashley clothes. They were big florals with ruffles and ribbon, Kinda reminds me of what Lilly Pulitzer is today. Anyway I began to open the package and I must admit I was a little nervous about the contents of the box, but the look of excitement on Eddie's face anticipating my reaction was so sweet! It did not matter if it was empty, I was going to be fired up because he'd really gone all out with his gift. I lifted the top from the box and took in the yummy aroma from the Laura Ashley store. I folded back the tissue and there laid a beautiful strapless pink and green cotton dress that took my breath away. My response was a genuine feeling of being completely overwhelmed. I loved it. I could hardly wait to put it on. I began to list all the places I could wear it. Eddie was so proud. Then... I lifted the dress from the box and eyed the tag for the first time. There would be no trying the dress on that day. My sweet baby had gotten me a size  0. Sweet thing he said he just held it up and it looked like it would fit. Oh how we laughed!
This makes me think of our sweet Savior. His gift to you is that He willingly took your sin from you and clothed you in robes of righteousness. His righteousness. Though we are not righteous, He sees us as righteous and His robes fit perfectly. There is no greater gift than the Father's love for you. No matter what you've done or where you've been, if you have completely given Him your heart there is nothing that can separate you from His Love.
I love you! Ruthie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Senior Girls 2

My senior girls! I love you for being so kind and attentive last wednesday night. It wasn't until I got in the car with the twins and they informed me that teaching the entire hour was an absolute NO! So funny!
I'm loving that we are doing art journals together to document the year. This is my page for this week. I hope it inspires you to complete your page and journal a few thoughts.
Tonight we talked about sin. Let me ask you two questions. First, Do you sin? (Romans 3:23 -For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God) So the obvious answer is yes. The question of the day is "How do you feel about your sin?" Think about that for a minute before you answer.
One time when I was about 5 or 6 yrs old, I remember disobeying my daddy. I don't remember what I had done, but I vividly remember him sending me to my room to wait for him. As I sat on my bed staring at the yellow flowers on my bed spread, I was overcome with sadness. Tears were uncontrollably running down my cheeks. Yes I knew that I was going to be spanked, but my heart physically ached because my actions had hurt my daddy. When he came in my room his eyes were filled with water and I knew he didn't want to spank me. With tears still streaming down my face I voluntarily leaned over his knee and received my punishment. When it was over I could not get into his arms fast enough to ask his forgiveness and tell him I loved him. My daddy's big strong arms held me close that day, and his tender heart had already forgiven me.
Today when you sin against your heavenly Father how does it affect your heart? Do you quickly ask forgiveness and move on to the next thing or do you truly repent and grieve over hurting His heart? Do you take time from your busy schedule to be still and rest in His arms? Psalm 63:3 His lovingkindness is better than life. My lips will praise Thee.
I love you! Ruthie

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Senior Girls

I am overwhelmed to get to spend Wednesday nights with you!!! This year is so exciting as you complete high school and prepare to go off to college. Your parents have been packing your suitcase for 18 years with all kinds of fabulous lessons and experiences and it is my joy to add a few things to your bag this year!
   This summer I got up early and prepared for a long run. I drank a huge glass of water and set out on my way hoping to beat the scorching 100 degree heat. When I started out on my run it was only about 80 degrees. As I ran the temperature rose steadily and the humidity was brutal, but I was determined to complete my 9 mile trek. I stopped for water a lot of times but I had not hydrated well enough to withstand the humidity that day. When I eventually reached my destination I could hardly walk for my legs and feet cramping so intensely.  A sweet friend saw me and immediately brought me water and powerade and pickle juice(for cramping). I cannot ever remember a time when I was that thirsty. My mouth was so dry, I did not think I would ever get enough water that day.

   My prayer for you this year is that your soul thirsts for Jesus. That you cannot get enough of Him. That you fall so in love with Him that your heart feels like it might bust wide open. Psalm 63:1 that you would earnestly seek Him not just on sunday or wednesday night but everyday in the stillness of your quiet time or in the middle of your hectic day. And so sweetly reminded in verse 3 of Psalm 63 that His lovingkindness is better than life!
I love you. Ruthie

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Holiday Market

Hey everybody! Its that time again when you need to be thinking about that Christmas list!  Head down to Holiday Market and find that perfect gift! Or invite a friend and just spend the morning talking and browsing the isles. I am excited to be a part of the candle cabin's booth. I have been working the past couple of months on a new line called SweetArt. If you have kept up with my blog you know all about it already. I loved seeing it all finished and hanging on the wall. It looked great! Hurry downtown and take a look and let me know what you think. I hope to see you all there!!! Also look for my stationary with SweetArt .

Wendy and Leah both went above and beyond to make sure  their booth was  warm, welcoming , and the most inviting booth at Holiday Market.

Holiday Market is Oct12-Oct15 downtown. Candle Cabin's Booth can be found right  by the front door  filled with something for everyone. Candles, frames, baby gifts, and of course my SweetArts.

Holiday Market in Montgomery kicks off tonight. This is Candle Cabin's booth under construction. It looks fabulous! Leah Reigns(Hope I spelled that right) and her sweet husband put this together yesterday. Its amazing. People kept stopping by today amazed at how cool it was that she constructed the walls out of pallets. It really looked like a rustic cabin.

Leah makes beautiful frames that are perfect for any and every occasion.

Fabulous message blocks

You can find all my SweetArt in the Candle Cabin booth too. They make great gifts  for Christmas!!!!

Mary Elizabeth Martorana  has orignal crosses  in lots of colors and they are wonderful!

Precious frames by Leah can be found in all shapes, colors and sizes.  They are not only perfect gifts but perfectly priced.  Can't wait to see you there!!