Sunday, October 16, 2011

Senior Girls

I am overwhelmed to get to spend Wednesday nights with you!!! This year is so exciting as you complete high school and prepare to go off to college. Your parents have been packing your suitcase for 18 years with all kinds of fabulous lessons and experiences and it is my joy to add a few things to your bag this year!
   This summer I got up early and prepared for a long run. I drank a huge glass of water and set out on my way hoping to beat the scorching 100 degree heat. When I started out on my run it was only about 80 degrees. As I ran the temperature rose steadily and the humidity was brutal, but I was determined to complete my 9 mile trek. I stopped for water a lot of times but I had not hydrated well enough to withstand the humidity that day. When I eventually reached my destination I could hardly walk for my legs and feet cramping so intensely.  A sweet friend saw me and immediately brought me water and powerade and pickle juice(for cramping). I cannot ever remember a time when I was that thirsty. My mouth was so dry, I did not think I would ever get enough water that day.

   My prayer for you this year is that your soul thirsts for Jesus. That you cannot get enough of Him. That you fall so in love with Him that your heart feels like it might bust wide open. Psalm 63:1 that you would earnestly seek Him not just on sunday or wednesday night but everyday in the stillness of your quiet time or in the middle of your hectic day. And so sweetly reminded in verse 3 of Psalm 63 that His lovingkindness is better than life!
I love you. Ruthie

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