Friday, September 23, 2011

The Holiday Studio

4x12 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Mixed Media
SweetArt Line created for Holiday Market
Hi!! It's been a while since we last talked. I have been busy in my studio creating my SweetArt Line for the Holiday Market here in Montgomery in October. Wendy Martorana,my sweet friend and owner of Candle Cabin will be hosting a booth with my SweetArt Line and other fabulous gifts and ideas for Christmas. You will not want to miss!
I love this piece. This is one of my pieces created for my SweetArt  line.  I am really excited about this line. Each piece is different and has its own personality. Each one has a text as well. Adding the text is always the last part of the art process because I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to say. I so want the thought to be personal and stir some sweet spot in your soul. This piece says "Will you be my valentine everyday?" I eat up the word "valentine" It might as well be spelled L-o-v-e, and love everyday? Well that's a pretty cool thing. "Valentine" also makes me think of "holiday." If you were to ask my family what my most favorite word is they would all say without question...Holiday! I do love holidays, but what I really live for is the feeling you have when you are on holiday. Not the "sweat over the meal" feeling, but the one that makes you feel relaxed and indescribably happy. The feeling where there are no phones or TVs, just family and fun!! I love it!!! I have hired a friend to help me put together my blogs and website and create a fabulous place online for you to visit me and my studio. She asked me the name of my studio and I said "The Holiday Studio..where everyday is a holiday."Of course. I can hardly wait for it to be finished so you can drop by any time and look around my studio or visit me in the kitchen for a diet coke and ice cream or watch a tutorial and craft along with me. Such a wild adventure for me and I am so excited about you taking it with me.
So until then, make everyday a holiday. Share a smile with someone, make a "happy" for a friend for no reason, or my favorite, make heart shaped biscuits for your family for dinner tonight. Before you know it "Holiday"will be your favorite word too!!
love love love Ruthie

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


4x12 Gallery wrapped canvas
for sale
Holiday Market 2011

Hi! So glad you stopped by. I'm so curious to know what you think about this. There was a talk show on my radio when I got  in the car today. It was two men discussing the fact that one of them had a 10 yr. old daughter who wanted her best friend to spend the night, and her best friend happened to be a boy. The D.J. that was the daddy had no problem with the situation, but the other D.J. thought it was a bad idea. So they opened it up to the listeners for their opinion. I must admit, I was stunned at the caller's responses. The few minutes that I was in the car, 5 women called in to respond. Would you believe all 5 were mamas and all 5 were perfectly fine with the coed spend the night. After the 5th woman called, I actually thought I might be the crazy one here, and I quickly decided No, I am not into coed spend the night company. Now I could spend some time on this soap box, but I think I've made my opinion clear. The big issue for me is that I believe as parents it is our responsibility to train and to teach our children and to develop their moral character. More often than not parents are leaving that job up to the church, the school, peers the media. Movie Stars and magazines dictate what children wear even if its too tight, too short, too small and hideous! If the latest pop star is wearing it so are the children.
What ever happened to "Modest is Hottest?" Another blog for another day. When we become parents I believe we become teachers. If we relinquish our responsibility to grow our children's moral character then the world will gladly take on the task. And it will devour our children! No doubt!! We cannot cross our fingers and hold our breath and hope for the best. It is our job. I'm not saying it's an easy one, and I realize shaping and molding moral character in our children may even hurt on occasion.We need to wrap our arms all the way around or children and tell them out loud "I Love You!" even if they don't want to be held...because we all know they really do. Be involved, Listen, learn to say no even if it's not the most popular answer. Spend time with them doing something they enjoy. Laugh out loud with them. Teach them. Protect them. If we don't someone else will!
The whole "spend the night thing" might seem small and insignificant now, but small things add up to make really big things. I believe if we are diligent even in the small things when the big things roll in we're a lot more prepared to stand strong.
Love to know what you think. Even if you think I might be the crazy one! Leave me your thoughts.
Love love love Ruthie