Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful blog #4

Special Time with my little Pie

I could hardly wait to blog today and tell you what I'm thankful for! At our house we call it "special time." Today I had "special time" with KK! We planned this day about 2 weeks ago and couldn't wait for it to get here! We both got up early , dressed up, toasted a pop tart, and hit the road. Our destination? Perch in Auburn, AL. Perch is a jewelry studio. You can purchase original handmade pieces, or you can create your own jewelry with an endless supply of beads, charms, gold, silver,...the list goes on and the possibilities are as big as your imagination. From our house it's an easy 40 minute drive, a perfect amount of time for fabulous non stop conversation! What a treat  for me to get to have KK all to myself. Before I knew it we pulled up to our favorite jewelry store. The brightly painted green door not only welcomes you but cheerfully invites you to step inside and dream. The vintage inspired shop has old frames strung with wire to showcase beautifully designed earrings. There are antlers framed on the wall to hold necklaces of all lengths and designs. Gorgeous old doors are the backdrop for countless strands of spectacular beads. Scattered throughout the room are bowls and muffin tins filled with beads and charms and anything else you could possibly need to make the perfect piece of jewelry. You would love every square inch! You would also fall in love with  owner and artist Barbara Birdsong! She is amazing! She is there to make your dreams a reality. Barbara teaches you and serves you and makes your jewelry design process fun and fabulous!
KK and I spent 45 minutes choosing the perfect jewelry combinations. Then we sat down at this long table and began to create. That was my favorite part, just talking and laughing, no phone, no homework, nowhere to be, just being together and having fun. I didn't think it could get any better and I looked up and there was Towns in the doorway. She had finished class early and came to hang out. So fun!!! We even saw Stacy and MeriDean Hamilton walking by to eat lunch next door. Of course I grabbed them and introduced them to Perch! What a treat!Once we finished our pieces of jewelry we walked next door for lunch at Amsterdams. Delicious hamburgers, fantastic fries, and my favorite...great company and conversation!
We wrapped up our day strolling down College street and visiting two of our other favorite places, Wrapsody and The Villager. MaryCam has been bragging on the Christmas decorations at Wrapsody so we had to check them out. She was right! Great decorations and perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Her sweet friend Natalie was next door at the Villager, so we stuck our heads in to grab a hug and then we were back on the road headed for home. It was the perfect day from beginning to end! I am so thankful for my "special time" with KK today!!!
Love love love Ruthie

KK and Me and Barbara Birdsong

Love the frames and antlers

KK creating her necklace


Barbara helping a group of ladies. Notice the good looking door s in the background!

So much fun seeing Stacy and Meri Dean!!!!

Lunch next door with KK and Towns!!!!!!!!

Pretty great Christmas decorations

Decorations were wonderful

Gifts for everyone

I am thankful for special time!!

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