Thursday, November 3, 2011

Senior Girls 4

To my sweet girls, I missed being with you last night!You are a highlight of my week. We did have such a great time the wed. night before. Your pages look great! The stamp and paint that you have added is very cool and very creative. You surprise me with new and wonderful art to enjoy. I do so love you and love sharing with you and listening to you share your hearts as well. Thank you for trusting me with your hearts!
One of my favorite memories growing up was spending thanksgiving at the beach with my family and my daddy's brother and his wife and their 4 boys. It was soooo much fun. Honestly I don't ever remember eating turkey and dressing, but I do remember playing hide and seek in the dunes and digging massive caves in the dunes, throwing the football on the beach, fishing, building life size sand castles, and not coming in until dark. Growing up in a house full of girls, the boys introduced me to this whole other boy world that was adventurous, fun, exciting, always challenging, and sometimes a little scary. I loved it!!!! One time we spent all day digging a trench from the inlet to the gulf trying to open it up and get a little aluminum boat into the ocean. I really don't even remember if we succeeded I just loved the adventure of trying. I loved being with my cousins especially at thanksgiving with the beach for a play ground.
Even though the boys never lived in the same town as we did we still got together all the time. I don't see the boys nearly as much as I would like now. We are all spread out and have children of our own. When we do get together its so much fun to relive all those fabulous memories at the beach.
One memory that I will never forget is when my mom came to get me from school to tell me that David, one of the boys, had been killed in a motorcycle accident. I remember sitting in the front seat of the car and my face and hands felt numb and my heart physically ached. I felt as though a part of me was gone. I cannot begin to tell you how I felt. I cried till I could cry no more. My heart literally hurt for so long. Even now as I think of that day I am weepy. I miss David.   God is good. I have a sweet picture of him smiling permanently etched in my brain. It's even in color. He has a great smile. His whole face would light up when he he was about to bust out laughing or maybe he was up to something:) The really precious thing is, I will be with him again. He is in heaven with his heavenly Father and his mom. I love that! I will be in heaven with him one day. I have no doubts at all. I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was young and He promised that He would come again and receive me unto Himself that where He is there I will be also. He is the way the truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father except through Him. John 14:6. Girls if you have Jesus you have hope. You have the assurance of salvation. If you do not know Him personally as your Savior you can know Him. Just ask.  And don't assume your friends know Jesus. Just because you have known them forever and they are good girls and maybe go to church. Be bold. Ask them. Tell them. He loves you with an infinite love. What an amazing gift.  Share it!
I love you! Ruthie

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