Thursday, November 10, 2011

Senior Girls 5

To my senior girls, I loved being with you last night. I think you are amazing to make it on wed. nights because you have so much going on. Thank you for coming!!!! MaryFran I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!! For those of you who were not there, you were missed! Some of us worked on journal pages some of us just hung out and enjoyed the company! Claire don't be afraid to keep layering!! There are no wrong ways to create these pages! Go for it! ELee I hope you got some sleep! Jessica, very cool layers with the stencils! Abby love how fearless you are every time you put paint on the page! Nan, sometimes you have to chill and just enjoy the company! I so enjoyed your company last night! Each of you encourage me and make me smile! You are one of my favorite highlights of the week!
Last night we talked a little about Paul's letter to the Romans and how he was praying for their salvation because they knew a lot about God but they did not receive His righteousness. We talked about the prodigal son and how he blew his inheritance and yet he tried to stay gone and make it on his own. It wasn't until he had reached the very bottom that he swallowed his pride and saw his need for his father.
How sweet his father saw him in the distance. I loved that part. He never stopped looking for him, and when he saw his son in the distance he ran to him and received him.
When I was in college I was a counselor at camp Desoto.  It was one of the most incredible summers of my life! I could hardly wait for my girls to camp there. Years later, I was married and had 3 girls and I was ready for 2 of them to get to go to camp. I filled out all the paper work and then looked at the amount of money I would need to send for my down payment and I swallowed really hard and took it to Eddie. He sweetly told me that he did not have money to send the girls to camp. I thought for a moment, and respectfully asked if I could pay for it with odd jobs would that be ok with him. He agreed. I must say I hit the ground running. It was a lot of money, but my girls just had to go. I did all kinds of crazy things to earn money, but pay day was fast approaching. On the day the money was due, I pulled the money out of the jar and counted it for like the 100th time. (I think I thought it might magically double over night) I did not have enough money. I can't tell you how down I was. I waited a couple of days, the money is now late, and I called my daddy. Tearfully I asked him for the rest of the money. He did not give me the money. So then I called mama crying my heart out. She listened to me weep over not having the money and how desperately I wanted the girls to go to camp. She sweetly replied, "Have you told the Lord everything you just told me?" I was so mad at her... I was like no I haven't I just need a check and I'm good. After I had calmed down, I did actually go to my "chair" (where I pray) and I got on my knees and cried and cried and cried. I really wanted the girls to go, they were all excited, There was no way I could tell them the could not go, and daddy and mama were no help, and I couldn't tell Eddie because I knew what he would say. I waited even a couple of more days. I don't know why, I just really didn't know what to do. Like the prodigal son I was kinda at my lowest point and I swallowed my pride and went to Eddie. I remember looking up at him and feeling like I might burst into tears at any moment and I just plainly said "I don't have the money." He had absolutely the sweetest smile I've ever seen and he said "I know." I was so surprised I really did not know what to say. He said "I was wondering how long it was going to take you to come to me. I will cover your debt." I will never forget that day as long as I live. He saw me coming from distance.
You may not be living in a foreign country squandering your inheritance, but you might be squandering your time or something else. Go Home! your Heavenly Father loves you so much and He sent His only son to die for you. He has covered your debt, and wants to clothe you in His righteousness.  Receive Him.
I love you Ruthie

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  1. Oh Ruthie, thanks for finding me and thanks for your kind words. I made you a Flickr contact so when you posted something I could see it. I found one of your pieces of art on pinterest and fell in love, tracking it to your Flickr photostream. I'd give anything to create such beautiful works of art. Looking at your photostream just makes me smile. My goal this year is to be brave enough to start an art journal and work on some mixed media techniques. I'd love to see what you do with Copics. They are great...another goal, to color better. Can you tell I am an artist want-to-be(I'm a piano teacher in real life)? Thank you again and may 2012 bring you a year full of amazing and wonderful things.