Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Blog #16

Thanksgiving Day!! It was the best ever! It was filled with family, fun, and food! I love it!
     As a child we spent thanksgiving in Seagrove Beach at my grandfather's beach house. It was so much fun! The weather was always unpredictable so we packed shorts as well as winter coats. When I was little, Seagrove was very quiet. There were very few houses and the very popular Seaside Community was just a grove where we played hide and seek. Today I still spend thanksgiving in Seagrove Beach, FLa, but it is a very different scene from when I was young. Seagrove is now home to a large number of homes, cottages, restaurants, shops, and galleries. It's a fairy tale place to be. It's my favorite place to be. This week we've had gorgeous weather and temperatures in the 70's. We've rested, fished, read books, played games, shopped, people watched, the list goes on. But the most fun thing has been being together! And that is what I'm thankful for today, my family together in my most favorite place.

Uncle Pete Aunt Katie McKeever and Oli

All the grandchildren

My man

Me and my man

My sisters

Zack and Luke

Mason Duncan and KK

Pete and Paw Paw

Eddie and Taylor

Anne Banks


The girls

Towns Oli and Luke

Paw Paw

Happy Thanksgiving

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