Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful blog #5

Saturday Surprise

Today is such an easy blog post! What am I thankful for? Saturday surprises! It began with the boys bringing me the biggest basket of dirty clothes you've ever seen in your life! I love surprises that come in baskets! Then KK and MaryCam and I went to Costco and got little surprises in every isle. Every time we turned down a new isle there was a delicious surprise sample in cute little cupcake papers. My favorite? The flatbread with chicken salad. Divine! Then I ran into Michaels because it's right next door to Costco.  I got a fun little bag of surprises for myself that I could hardly wait to get home and create with . I love Michael surprises! KK and I made one more stop before heading home and we got a surprise phone call from Towns. She and four of her precious friends came home to watch the game and have a fun girls day. So we got out the dip and chips and diet coke and talked and laughed all afternoon! And I bought them a little surprise at Costco. The new Harry Potter movie. So they turned out the lights and had a movie night! Then my sweet husband came home and put  hamburgers on the grill and we finished the night with ice cream and chocolate sauce. What a fun day full of fun easy surprises! I love fun and easy! Family, friends, fun....Such a great day filled with surprises. I love it !
I'm so glad you dropped by today, another sweet saturday surprise! love love love Ruthie

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