Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful blog #8

Tuesdays with the TwinsToday I am thankful for the bookstore. You're probably thinking what's so great about the bookstore. Let me tell you, going to the bookstore is like taking a mini vacation from the world. So every tuesday the twins and I take an hour and a half  mini vacation. We live for it! In fact  today about 1:00 KK texted me and said she couldn't wait for the bookstore. We do the same thing every tuesday. We leave the world behind and head inside the bookstore straight to the cafe. Depending on the weather we treat ourselves to a latte or a frappuccino with a muffin, pretzel, or brownie. Once we've chosen the perfect snack, we find something to read and meet back in the aisle of "personal growth." We find it's the least  visited section so we can sit and visit uninterrupted. We spend the first half of the time sipping our coffee and sharing about our day. Topic of conversation always finds its way back to books we've pulled on hobbies and we discuss all the projects we are going to begin.  The last part of our time is spent reading a book or magazine of our choice. KK actually finished a book today that she started on our tuesday visits in Oct. Fox looks at tons of different stuff, its hard to keep tract of it all. I read Somerset Studio magazines. Today I read and bought my favorite, "Where Women Create."
We love our special time in the bookstore. It's so nice to put the day on hold and disappear into a world of coffee and conversation. We leave the bookstore refreshed and inspired. Try it. Pick a day, take an hour, leave your phone in the car, treat yourself to coffee and a mini vacation. You'll be  hooked. I'm thankful for tuesdays with the twins at the bookstore!
Thank you for stopping by! love love love Ruthie

My favorite magazine

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KK finished her book today!!!


  1. Love your post Ruthie and the great pictures of you and the twins. I spent time in the large print section of the bookstore this week picking out books for my mother. At 92 she loves to read and then shares the books with others.

  2. I love reading these thankful blogs! We will have to try the bookstore mini vaca....I am thankful for wonderful, dear old friends that write awesome thankful blogs each day! I can't wait to ready today and tomorrow and the next.....