Monday, November 26, 2012

The Christmas Parade!

 I'm so glad you stopped by! I could hardly wait to post this blog. Today I'm thankful for the Seaside Christmas parade! I love a parade! When I was little my neighborhood put on a parade every labor day. How fun is that? If I ever see anyone from my old neighborhood the annual labor day parade always makes it's way into the conversation! It was the most fun day ever. All the kids in the neighborhood would dress up in homemade costumes and march around the block while parents cheered and waved. I remember one year I made a huge poster with a Baby Ruth candy bar on it and wore it as my costume. My sister and her friend dressed as the toothfairy and a girl in her pajamas who lost her tooth. There was a brother and sister who dressed as each other. It was simple and perfect! The Seaside Christmas parade reminds me of that day just a little bit. The street is lined with tons of children and adults eagerly awaiting the arrival of homemade Christmas decorations and music. Families decorate golf carts and even baby strollers with garland and everything red and green and throw beads and candy all along 30a. There is a local children's shop that recruits children to ride on their truck. The children dress like elves and throw mints and sometimes stop and do a quick dance to a popular Christmas song. This year there was a precious group of girls from a local dance studio who dressed up as candy cane girls and did a little dance for everybody all along the parade route. One little girl rode her unicycle the entire way and even threw candy at the same time. She was amazing.Then you know that Christmas has arrived when Santa and Mrs. Claus wrap up the parade waving to the crowd from their car drawn sleigh! It was the perfect day! I love a parade.

What lets you know Christmas is here? Is it the decorations or the lights in the neighborhoods? Maybe it's the millions of commercials reminding you how many shopping days you have left? Is it the Christmas movies on every channel that always have a happy ending? Maybe it's the many times you wake in the night remembering all the little things you don't want to forget? I'm feeling stress just thinking of those things. Christmas is what you make it! Try something new. Choose to sip a cup of hot chocolate and have a good conversation. Ride around on a week night with someone special and look at lights. Bake cookies with friends and give them away. Try a new recipe and surprise someone with something yummy. Have friends over and make an ornament or a Christmas card. If you're really adventurous, organize a Christmas parade in your neighborhood and end up at someone's house for hot chocolate! (Maybe I'll do that) In other words, slow down and enjoy this Christmas season. Be thankful for parades!             Love love love Ruthie

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