Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas lights (November Challenge)

Today I am thankful for Christmas lights! I wondered when I would share this post because I love Christmas lights all year long! What is it about twinkling lights that sends me over the moon? In the movie "Mama Mia" my favorite scene is towards the end when Pierce Brosnan sings to Meryl Streep under that huge tree because the tree is covered in lights! My favorite thing about cooking out every saturday night is that I have Christmas lights strung on my back porch all year! Yesterday I was jogging with the twins and lights were  everywhere and decorations are going up all over the place. I love the colors and all the bling! It just makes my heart so happy. When my children were little, we collected big huge plastic statues that lit up! It was so fun and bright and loud! Parting with the light up snoopy was difficult, but now that my children are older I still light everything up just not with plastic! I visit home depot every year and replenish my stash of lights! I string lights everywhere! It makes everything more festive and fun! So replenish those lights and string them everywhere...and leave a few up all year! I am thankful for the lights!                         love love love Ruthie

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  1. I love reading your daily posts! They make my heart happy! Miss seeing you at painting - I am going to have to find a way to work that out!! Have a wonderful, blessed holiday!.............Susie

  2. Ruthie,
    I had not take time to sit in the quiet of my office at home and read your daily blogs, life at the office seems so hectic and the last thing I want to do at home is sit in front of my computer again. Last night the Lord led me directly to your words, and the gifts I found in them. Your daily blog will now be part of the first items I will check each morning when I arrive at work, and want my daughter, Ashley, to share in this experience with me. Ruthie you have such a precious heart, certainly a Godly gift that defines your home, your family, your children, your friends and your blog. I feel privledged to have been able to share in our special time with our art class, "MY Birds" will sit by my piano as I sign "In Christ Alone" with my grandchildren this weekend, and I will share your blog with them also. I'm so proud Eddie found you, I always knew he was special, as are his parents, and I know he is in "God's Good and Faithful Hands with you" Your Friend in Christ, Pat

  3. Pat!You are precious and sweet to encourage me so graciously with your words! Thank you! It is my joy and honor to be a part of your day! Thank you! I loved having you in my art class! I looked forward to being with y'all every monday night!! I love your birds and I took mine yesterday to live at Blue Giraffe Gallery. I hope they all fly to new homes for Christmas! love love love R