Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spray Paint (November Challenge)

 I'm so glad you stopped by! Today I'm thankful for spray paint! Don't you just love spray paint?! It's fast, easy, comes in tons of colors, and paints on just about anything! I love it! My twins have started calling me "vacation barbie" because every day this week I have been on "vacation!" I have patiently waited for them to get home from school and then we do something fun. I have not allowed homework or phones or computers, just fun. So yesterday I was reading a blog by artist Alisa Burke and she marbleized paper with spray paint. I have paper, I always have spray paint, all I need is the twins. I could hardly wait for them to get home and tell them about my idea. I will say Fox had a big test today so he was a little hesitant to get excited, but I needed a photographer and I think curiosity got the best of him. So here are the fabulous photos and directions of the paper KK and I painted. (Fox fabulous photography, and you know this was way more fun than AP U.S.!)

I got a plastic tray that I usually put food in and filled it with about three inches of water. Clearly this one has paint in it, but just fill it with water. (I'm guessing you figured this out already, but just in case you didn't, you can't clean this and use it for food ever again. So be sure and use something that you don't need or love. It is now your paint tray)

Spray paint into the water. Spray paint should be used outside where it is well ventilated.

You can use any color you have. We tried all kinds of things. Spray at least two colors and allow them to blend. Then get a stick and swirl the colors together. The paint dries quickly so you can't waste time once you've sprayed your paint.

Isn't that cool? We sprayed green and gold together thinking it would make a great Christmas card or tag for a gift. Experiment with how much or how little paint you spray. Don't be shy, you can't mess this up.

Once you have sprayed your paint have your paper ready to lay on top of the water. I used water color paper because it absorbs water well and is a sturdy paper. Card stock would do the same.

Wah Lah!!! How cool is that?! Easy, fast, and fun! As you can see swirling the paint is key. We also never changed the water. We just kept spraying and adding paper.

I thought I would add, when I put the paper into the water I lightly pressed the back of the paper into the paint. I did not totally submerge the paper. You only leave the paper in the water for a few seconds and then lift it out and let it dry. You are going to love it!

Is that gorgeous or what?! In this one KK and I sprayed pink, gold and red. The white you see is where paint did not adhere. So cool!

This was my favorite I think. I love pink and green together. Swirling the paint before you drop your paper in is huge. Don't you love it? Is your mind racing right now with a million ideas?

I loved this fun project! It took no time and the results were fabulous! We are going to cut these up and make note cards, gift tags, place cards, and calling cards. The possibilities are really endless. I hope you will try this and send me a picture! I'd love to see what you come up with! Today I'm thankful for spray paint! This afternoon we're making salt clay! KK's chemistry test is going to have to wait! I'm on "vacation" and loving it! See you tomorrow. Love love love R

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  1. I saw this on Alisa Burke's blog also! It works on Christmas tree ornaments, too. I have bought all the supplies but haven't tried it yet. So glad to see that it really works! I bought some wooden bangles to try it on also. I will let you know if it works.