Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Friends in my Studio (Day 5 November Challenge)

 I'm so glad you stopped by! I will be posting twice today because I painted with friends last night and did not get a chance to blog. That's what I'm most thankful for today, I mean yesterday. Not that I did not blog, but that I'm thankful for the precious group of 8 girls that I painted with on Monday nights! I teach a painting class in the fall and spring in my studio for about seven weeks. My sweet friend Christy asked if she could bring some of her friends to paint a couple of months ago on Monday nights. I was teaching on Tuesday mornings and didn't know if I wanted to commit to another teaching day, but I love Christy and just couldn't say no. I am so thankful I didn't say no! I looked forward to Monday night every week! This adorable group of girls love the Lord,  love each other, and love to paint. Truly it was a delight to be with them each week! It was such a treat for me to help instruct and guide them along their creative journeys. Their styles were dreamy and reflected their personalities perfectly. It was so much fun for me to watch them grow. One of my favorite things was how they encouraged each other. Someone would finish a painting or try a new technique and without hesitation the entire class would ooh and ahh and cheer and encourage...it was fabulous! I loved it! Every week they came with new questions, new canvases, new paints, new brushes and I couldn't get enough of them! We had a fabulous time!

Last night was our last session and I was sad. I had lunch with my husband and the girls were topic of conversation. I decided I wanted to make something for them that they could take home to remind them of our class. My sweet husband just nodded and listened. Then I thought of a great idea and couldn't get home fast enough. I took an old CD and covered it in paper and painted it a little, stamped it a little, collaged it a little and Wah-lah!!! A happy! I hung their little happies on their easels and when they came in you can't  imagine how sweet they were! You would have thought I had given them a million dollars. They were so kind. They made me feel like a rockstar! Then, you are not going to believe this, but they pulled a party out of their bags! I about fell out! They had all kinds of fun food and even a sweet happy for me! We eventually got around to painting, and it was a great night! I was sad to see them go.

I am so glad I painted with my Monday night group. I loved teaching and painting, but I mostly loved being with them. For a couple of months they allowed me to be a part of their lives and share their thoughts and dreams and families and experiences. It made my life richer and fuller. I am thankful for new friendships in my studio today! love love love Ruthie

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  1. Wow"......isn't it fun when we each get blessed by one another..ruthie we loved loved loved our time together....so fun....I will say that one thing these Anglican women have taught me (among many others) iscthat it is always a good time to celebrate......thanks ruthie for the fellowship, the lessons, the prize and most of all the friendship....love you girl