Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lots of Hearts

In my studio making valentines with friends

used simple designs with bold colors

Towns' design was filled with texture and color.

She beautifully stamped the verse  Zephaniah 3:17 over the book print.
It read, "I will rejoice over you with singing"

This is a fun easy process. Here are some quick easy instructions to help you create your  own valentine. I started with a canvas panel. Any size will do. Mine is an 8x10 though the ones above are 5x7.
Cover your panel with a gel medium. You can use Mod Podge or Golden's gel medium. Which ever you prefer. Place decorative paper on top of that. Cover with gel medium. Let dry. It does not take long at all. Once the medium dries, paint the paper all over with inexpensive craft paint. Here I used different shades of pinks and greens and painted over the floral pattern on my paper to give it a hand painted look.

Once the paint has completely dried take rubber stamps and permanent ink and stamp away! There is no right or wrong way to do this, it's whatever looks good to you. The  key is to layer layer layer! The more the better! If you don't have rubber stamps at home, be creative and use things around your house. For example, bubble wrap ,the sole of a tennis shoe, a clean fly swatter, kids stencils, anything fun will do! 

Once you have stamped to your hearts content, you now have a fabulous background to create your valentine. If you know me, you recognize this girl. I created her like a paper doll. I cut her body from an old book and cut her dress from decorative papers. I cut the heart and wings and boots from decorative paper too. Once I decided where I wanted her to go, I covered the area with gel medium and laid her down. Once she was in place, I covered her with gel medium. Once the gel medium was dry, I painted her all over. I painted on top of the book paper and the decorative paper so it has a hand painted look. The decorative paper is hardly noticeable once you've finished painting. To finish the project, I stamped a little more so she blended into the background. I painted a little more and then I put a quick coat of gel medium over the whole project. Once it's dry I will print out my valentine message and place it in the heart she is holding.
I hope you enjoy this little project. Send me a pic of yours! I'd love to see it! I will be making some more fun valentine projects, because valentines is my most favorite holiday!
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love love love  Ruthie

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  1. God is so good. Two nights ago, I was doing a collage Valentine for one of my girls, and was having trouble with air bubbles. I was going to email you for advice, then I saw this. I was doing it on a stretch canvas vs a board. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog!!!!