Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Project Number Two (video)

I absolutely love this project! It's fun, it's quick, and it's easy! Begin with decorative paper of your choice. I cut two hearts the same size out of different paper. I cut a third heart a little smaller. Paint the paper with inexpensive craft paint in order to give the paper a hand painted look.

Once the paint dries, stamp, stencil, decorate anyway you like. Be sure to use permanent ink.

The third smaller heart I chose to paint pink.

When all three dry, cover with a gel medium. At this time, place the third heart anywhere you want on the front of the main heart. Cover it with gel medium.

Print text and put it in the small pink heart. Place it down with gel medium.

Now you are about ready to sew it all together.

First you need a hanger for your valentine. I used 2 strips of muslin and a piece of twine and I braided the 3 pieces together and made a loop and placed it in between the two big hearts.

With wrong sides together stitch around the edge of the hearts leaving a hole so you can fill the hearts with cotton.

Once the hearts are full of cotton, you can stitch the hole and your done.

Hang it up or give it to a friend.

Have fun!

Send me your pics, I'm dying to know how yours turns out!

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Love love love Ruthie

I hope you loved my video...Fox is the man!


  1. This Valentine treat is fabulous! I can't wait to try this out and make it for my friends!

  2. I think this is adorable!! My girls and I will try it this weekend!!

  3. Sounds so interesting. I want to see a photo of the finished product.

  4. Valentine's day is the best! I love these and definitely want to try them out. Thanks for the inspiration!