Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Best Day Ever

My Best Day Ever!!

Happy Happy Valentines!!Valentines Day is my favorite day! I have to say it's not always been my favorite day.

If we are being honest, I would probably tell you it use to be my least favorite day.
But in elementary school I loved it! It was all about the creativity for me. I dreamed about my design for my valentine box (shoe box) for weeks. Most of the children just glued hearts and the traditional doilies on top of the box. Mine, however, was gaudy, glittery, and over the top! It had collaged papers and photos, fun fabrics and trims, and more glitter than a disco ball. Not only was my box a work of art, but I actually made a valentine for everyone in the class. My favorite day!
It wasn't until high school that valentines became my least favorite day. No one wanted hand made cards, they wanted flowers from boys. I vividly remember siting in homeroom as the Key Club delivered red carnations to girls in my class purchased by boys earlier in the week. It was so awkward sitting there hoping that every time the door opened it would be a flower with my name on it. Oh how I wished the day to be over.
Before you feel sorry for me, let me say it was from those awkward horrible high school days that my most brilliant beyond brilliant ideas was born.
The day my children were born, I decided Valentines day would be different. I never wanted my children, especially my girls, to dread February 14, so I planned a huge valentine party on February14 just for my family. I decorated the house from head to toe, and I even made a valentine box for the kitchen table. I made fun dinner and fabulous desserts. Everything was pink and red and shaped like a heart. I had five games and five prizes, one for each child. (My favorite game is the hula hoop contest!) Hilarious!
But the best part of the night was after the food and games. It was then we opened the valentine box. Precious treasures. We each made valentines for everyone in the family. We would pass them out and read them aloud. When the children were really little, the valentines were red crayon on notebook paper. Every year the valentines have gotten more and more creative. This year was no exception. Even though two of my children are in college, we drove to meet them, have dinner, and exchange our valentines. The valentines everyone made were out of this world! Each one was extraordinarily different and perfectly showcased each person's gifts and personality. The art work was amazing not doubt, but it was their hearts that were so sweetly displayed that blew the night away!
Words cannot begin to describe the night. If you were to ask my children what their favorite holiday was, they would each say "Valentines Day." I love that!
On the way home that night, my husband looked over at me and said"This is my best day!" I echoed, "My best day ever!"
Thanks for stopping by! I loved visiting with you!
Love love love Ruthie


  1. I love this day too, and I'm so so glad that you started this tradition. It's the best!

  2. I want to be a Carlson! Is it too late for you to adopt me?