Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lip Gloss and Mascara

My ManI've missed being with y'all. Thank you so much for stopping by. Where have I been? I have been in my studio painting some and doing some cool mixed media, but mostly I've been being a mom. I love that part of my life! But my most favorite part of my life is being married to my husband. As moms it's very easy to put our children first. But really our husbands should be a priority above our children. I know that sounds crazy when out entire day seems to revolve around our children and their needs. When our children were little we were filling sippy cups, changing diapers, playing puzzles, pulling wagons, pushing swings...the list goes on. As our children have gotten older we're carpooling, volunteering, going to sports stuff, recitals, school events, late night talks, lots of listening, all those fabulous mom things, and unfortunately when our husbands walk through the door at night we are physically and emotionally spent. Not to mention, I'm usually still wearing sweaty workout clothes from earlier in the day.
Do you remember when you dated your future husband? I do! It did not matter if I had climbed Mt Everest and run 26 miles that day, when my baby walked through that door to take me out I was dressed to kill and could hardly wait to wrap my arms around him!
So my challenge is to get our relationships in order. Relationship with the Lord comes first, Husbands come second, and as hard as it may be, children come third. That does not mean that you neglect their needs. It does mean that when your man comes home from work that the children wait 15 minutes while you wrap your arms around his neck and give him your undivided attention and listen to him tell about his day. Though I must admit, I will probably still have on my workout clothes, I will try to at least have on little lip gloss and mascara!Love love love Ruthie


  1. make me a better person every time I read ur blog! Now let me go put on some lip gloss! I love you sweet friend!

  2. Ruthie, I agree with Julie make me a better person. Thanks. What you say is so true and as we know not always easy but just what our relationships need. Well said my friend.