Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back in the Studio

A Work in ProgressI am so glad you dropped by. I love the week after Christmas. It's slow and easy. So fabulous! We have completely cleaned up from Christmas and we have no where to be. I am loving every minute. We are all sleeping a little later and waking up with practically nothing on our to do list. I am loving it! My only goal today was to get back into my studio. God was so good to provide so much work for me over Christmas! I loved painting for you for Christmas! Such a treat for me! Anyway, I finished my last painting the day before Christmas eve and I have not been back to my studio since. I have missed being there. I did a couple of loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and my bathroom, worked out and yes, finally made it to the studio. My favorite part?Four of my five children were in there with me. Fox was painting, MaryCam was reading, KK was creating headbands for her etsy account, and Towns was making jewelry for her new line of jewelry. How fun is that? Very easy to be inspired around this crowd. This is on my easel now. Big flowers. I thought it would be fun to photo it now because by the time I finish with it, It will be totally different. It just felt so great to get paint on the canvas. I love to paint. I love to be messy, I love to glue, paint , create, draw.... I am in heaven when I'm painting. I love having a work in progress and watching it take shape and come to life.This painting has a ways to go but I adore the process. I will paint on it in my head all night and finish it tomorrow. I can hardly wait!
Kind of crazy, but I was thinking about my life being a work in progress. How thankful I am that God never gives up on me or takes a break from me for a couple of days. I love that in spite of me He keeps shaping me to be more like Him. Sometimes the shaping hurts a little more than others times but I love it because I know at the end of the day I am His and He loves me. Like my painting I have a ways to go. I am thankful God is in control of every brushstroke in my life. There is comfort there!
Thanks for coming in to my studio today.
I loved visiting with you. Come back. Maybe I will have actually finished my painting!
Any ideas before I finish? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!!!
Thank you love love love Ruthie


  1. Love your work in progress! Can't wait to see the finished work of art! And, thanks for always pointing me to Christ in your blog.

  2. I agree with Brucie...can't wait to see the finished painting!!

  3. Ruthie, I am trying this again. Love the painting. Sorry we didn't get to lunch over the holidays, but we will sometime. Please let me know if you are ever in Birmingham. I will make time for you.

  4. Ruthie I keep looking at my painting and I smile just thinking of you and how much joy you bring ALL that know you. Thank you for being part of my life ...I'm a better person just by knowing you and taking in your wisdom. Love love love you

  5. Ruthie, I want to see this painting when you finish it. It is beautiful as is.