Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Giveaway#2

Christmas CommissionMerry Christmas! I'm so glad you stopped by! I actually have a confession to  make.  I was  "Martha" today. (Post Dec.1, 2011) I was. It all started because I got up a little late. I hit the ground running with a quick shower, made french toast for children, eggs for Eddie, and threw in a load of laundry, folded a load of laundry, kissed the children goodbye and cleaned up the kitchen. I made the bed, picked up odds and ends and kissed Eddie goodbye.
The house was quiet and I felt the Lord call me to "my chair" to be with Him. I'm not kidding, I chose to unload the dish washer. Can you believe that? The King of Kings invited me to spend time with Him and I chose to clean out the dishwasher. It gets worse, He sweetly pursued me again and I chose the laundry room. Before the morning got away, I actually left the house and went to a spin class. I was thinking if my house was clean I'm good, and if I get to exercise I'm even better.
Then God gently reminded me that "only one thing is necessary."Mary chose wisely. She chose to listen to His word and to sit at His feet." (Post Dec.1, 2011) I was Martha today. I did not put my Lord first. I missed Him. I am so thankful that He still woo s me. That He is faithful even though I am not. I love that He pursues me! That He calls me by name.
I did make it to "my chair" today. He patiently waited on me and graciously met me there. 
I know some days are super busy, but don't be like me. When the King of Kings invites you to sit at His feet, run there as fast as you can!
Love love love Ruthie

Commission in progressThis artwork I posted today is a commission.
This artwork is not something I normally paint bit I thoroughly enjoyed the process!
She requested bible verses to go in each square. I will post when I'm done!Don't forget to comment and you will enter a chance to win the giveaway on the 14 of December!


  1. Mrs. Ruthie,
    You are a truly gifted artist! Both of the pieces above are wonderful. I love looking at my artwork you gave me after Junior Miss. It's in my dorm room and reminds me of the sweet Carlson family and friendship in Christ!
    Love, Shea

  2. Love what you're working on! It looks so, so fun :)
    Can't wait to see y'all soon!
    Love, Emily Scott