Sunday, December 18, 2011

Giveaway #3

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Merry Christmas! I'm so glad you stopped by today. It's been such an amazing weekend! Everybody is home and it's so much fun. Yesterday i never even left the house. I spent most of the day in my studio painting. KK was in there too making headbands. Towns was making jewelry, and some of our friends also came to hang out and create gifts for friends and family. Such a blast!
I don't know if I've told you yet about my most favorite Christmas tradition. Ever since my children were little we have made our gifts for each other. It's truly the most fun thing ever. We've made everything from hula hoops to twig frames. They are the first gifts we open on Christmas day. We all so look forward to seeing what each other has created. It sounds kind of corny, but some of the gifts make me cry but some have made me laugh so hard and are remembered and talked about from year to year. I have to say the gifts most talked about are the ones created by Luke. :)
I love hearing about other people's Christmas traditions. I have to say that I've had lots of ideas and we have tried some of them. Sone of our ideas have survived the years, but many of them have fallen by the way side. However, our tradition of creating gifts for each other has remained a family favorite. I can hardly wait to see what every body has made this year!
Leave me your comment of your favorite tradition! I'd love to read it and you will be entered to win my give away on the 21st!
Thanks for stopping by!! I love love love it!!! Ruthie


  1. Ok...I haven't been out much since robbery and was reading this and thought wow I wish I was hanging out creating a painting or Christmas gift with my friend Ruthie. I love your tradition and love reading your stories. The 21st s my anniversary of 15 years being married to my best friend...I told him to write a comment and win me that art! I luv u

  2. Our family holiday tradition is attending the Christmas Eve service at church. It is always a candlelight service and I just love it. Would not seem like Christmas if we were unable to do this and I don't think I have ever missed it. Looking forward to hearing Emma sing "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" at our service this year. Thanks, Ruthie, for sharing your blog with us. Enjoy your family time and have a blessed Christmas!
    Love, Kelly

  3. Great blog mom, thank you for sharing with everyone that my gifts are the best. merry christmas!