Friday, December 16, 2011

Giveaway #3

Three Angels
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Thank you for stopping by! I know it's such a busy time of year and I love that you have taken the time to sit down and hang out with me.
Speaking of being busy, KK and I did a little shopping today and the traffic was crazy and the lines were ridiculous and people are not the friendliest. Standing in a line today there was a sweet girl behind the cash register and she rung up an item wrong. Oh my goodness, the lady in front of me did not handle it well. I hate that! It makes me so uncomfortable. It's so awkward for everyone!
Reminds me of a story....
There was a kindergarden Christmas play that all the children looked forward to every year. This year there was a young boy named Wally who couldn't wait to be a part of the program. Wally had been held back because learning was a little difficult for him, so since he was a little bigger than the other children the teacher thought he would make a perfect innkeeper. The best part was Wally only had to memorize one line.."No Room! You can stay in the stable!"
The night finally came for the big production. The auditorium was filled with friends and family. The play began with Mary and Joseph walking across the stage looking for a place to stay the night. Joseph  knocked on the the door of the Inn and Wally opened the door. Joseph said "Please sir my wife is with Child and we need a place to sleep, can we stay here?" Wally hesitated and he looked at Mary and then looked at the teacher. The teacher sweetly nodded her head to encourage Wally to be brave. Wally swallowed hard and said in a big voice, "No Room! You can stay in the stable!" Joseph and Mary turned to walk toward the makeshift stables, and Wally watched as they moved slowly across the stage. Wally looked towards the teacher and she smiled and gave Wally the signal to shut the door of the inn, but he couldn't do it. Instead Wally opened the door as wide as it would go and yelled to Joseph and Mary, "Stop! Don't go! You can have my room!"
You can imagine the emotion in the auditorium that night. Wally's sweet heart wanting to give his own room to Mary and Joseph so they would have a place to sleep.
I love this story! When I'm out in horrible holiday traffic or in an unfriendly line at the store, I think about his big heart. My prayer is that our lives are not so full that we have no room for Jesus. Our days fill up so fast and without even realizing it we have put up a No Vacancy sign. Be like Wally and make room in your heart for Jesus today.
Love love love Ruthie

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  1. Ruthie do you know how much I love you and how ur blog inspires me!

  2. Ruthie I loved Wally's story. Thank you for sharing it. I was so upset about something that happened in Walmart today, and when I was telling it to my mother and how someone treated another human, she said, "sweetheart, they probably don't know Jesus". How true, The world needs Him.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  3. Another wonderful post Ruthie, love this one and how true it is. We especially need to make room for Jesus first when we start our day so we can shine through out the day. In NYC these days you can feel and hear the grumpies everywhere. They all need a dose of "Ruthie inspiration " Love, love , love it !

  4. Thanks so much! Good reminder of this busy time of rush rush and how I/we can also say "no room " daily. But there has to be room daily for Jesus!

  5. Love this story! I agree with all the comments above, too.... thanks, everyone, for the reminder.

  6. Love reading your blog, Ruthie! Miss taking art from you - hope to have time again sometime. Your heart is full of Jesus and it shows through your words. Thank you!!!

  7. Ohh, I love this Mrs. Ruthie! I so enjoy reading your writing. I can hear your voice in my head as I read. Hope you are enjoying all your family being home and together!

  8. Me, pick me!!! Love the story, Ruthie. We sure miss y'all. Merry, merry.

  9. I have loved reading these! I had surgery on my elbow last week so I've been reading and trying not to peck on the computer. I finally got my cast off yesterday and am trying to get my fingers back working. I have to say the left hand and particularly the "a" are giving me trouble! When I saw this piece of art last Friday I thought,hmmmmm Elizabeth, Ruthie and me! LOL. Seriously, I realized yesterday morning that my mind has been racing with all Ive got to do and it hit me, I haven't been taking time to spend my usual time in the morning with God! It reminded me of another blog you posted not too long ago about skipping your chair time that morning. Its truly amazing how that precious one on one time is SO worth the time, particularly when we don't have it. Enjoy your holidays with your sweet family. Hope to see you soon my friend!