Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Giveaway#2

Yellow Flowers
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
I am so glad you stopped by! I've been looking forward to today!  I love  giveaways!  Though I don't think I've ever really won anything! And I have entered A LOT of things. I am laughing out loud right now thinking about all of the things I have entered. So funny! I entered this home thing where you send in a video of yourself with party ideas. And your thinking you are creative that's right up your alley. those are not my gifts and my family loves to pull out the video and laugh their heads off   every now and then. I really need to destroy that thing, but the memory of filming that thing with Eddie is priceless. I do love it even though its truly horrible. I take it back, I did win one thing. One morning I was cleaning the kitchen listening to the radio and this guy said "Who even knows the preamble..." They thought that was the funniest thing and then said if you know it call us and say it and we will give you a free breakfast at Chappy's Deli. Okay, thanks to "Grammar Rock" I called in and not only did I say it, I sang it. And yes, I got a free breakfast! So I guess I have won something! And I was so proud!! What is that? Winning a giveaway is fun! I love it! But I have loved giving away so much! So thank you for  playing along.Once again, I put names in a bowl and drew out a name,

and the winner is.....

wait for it....

Diane Klock!!!! Hey Diane, message me with your address! I have a treat for you!
Have a wonderful day. And I will giveaway again on the 21. So comment and enter to win!
love love love Ruthie


  1. Wow Ruthie, I am so excited. Thanks. I love your blog. It gives me so much encouragement and inspiration. Yellow flowers , a very joyful uplifting piece.

  2. Ruthie,
    Your blog is a blessing to me! I saw the heart pine angel and just had to go to the candle cabin the next day to find her. I did and brought her home! I also found a beautiful treasure for my niece - I think the square canvas came from the friends series ?- and says "He will rejoice over you with singing". Perfect Christmas present to celebrate the joy I feel about my niece and to be able to express that with your art to her! Love your idea about Christmas giveaways....made me start thinking of a giving life and what it looks like in me. Many thanks. Love, Lee Ann Hester