Friday, March 25, 2011

Seaside Sidewalk

oil on canvas panel
on sale at
Blue Giraffe
Watercolor, Florida

Hi! I am so glad you came by today. I am hanging out in the kitchen today it's too cold outside to be on the porch. Something you should know about me, I don't do cold weather. I am a summer girl! I love love love summer. I love sun, sand, and water. In fact we just got back from the beach and I took lots of photos to paint so I can introduce you to my favorite place in the world. Seagrove Beach. This painting is from a photo I took in Seaside, FL. Seaside is a dreamy beach community in Seagrove. Seaside has fabulous homes and cottages, open air market, galleries of art and jewelry, amphitheater for movies on Friday nights, ice cream, bikes with big baskets...the list goes on and on. This particular photo is one of about 5 airstreams parked on the sidewalk in Seaside selling all sorts of fun things ranging from shaved ice to cupcakes. Menus on chalkboards. Umbrellas and chairs inviting you to sit and people watch. And glorious sunsets every afternoon! Dreamy. If you have ever visited Seagrove you will never forget it. If you have never been to Seagrove, you need to go! Every time I leave I feel like I leave part of me there. And when I go back it's like going home. Do you know a place like that? Please leave me a comment of your home away from home. And if you don't have one you can borrow mine until you find one. It's truly dreamy! Thank you so much for coming over today. Please come back, my door is always open. I will be dreaming of summer tonight. love love love, Ruthie


  1. Love this inviting painting. Great color and brushwork. I will have to look on a map to see where this town is and put it on my list of places to go.

  2. Mom! love the post!!! your painting is fabulous! you definitely know where my home away from home is... can you guess it? i only mention it every other day! It's alpine camp for boys!