Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome Home

oil on canvas panel

I thought for my first post it would be a good idea to paint my front door and invite you into my home! I am so excited about my artful journey and so happy that you have chosen to take this adventure with me. So please come on in and make yourself at home. You can probably find me in the kitchen. My husband and I have 5 amazing children so I can honestly tell you that the majority of our lives takes place in the kitchen. Yes I prepare alot of meals in here, but my most favorite things are the millions of conversations that happen spontaneously around the table. You know the ones...at dinner or after school or after the football game or after a date. Oh yeah, and usually with a big bowl of "Blue Bell" and chocolate sauce. So grab a spoon and sit right down. There is never a dull moment around our kitchen table. Just last night my oldest son enlisted all of us to blow up about 25 balloons and tie them on a string. With balloons in hand and a bouquet of roses and shoe polish and a note and a bag of flour he was out the door dressed in black at about 10:45pm.  He reached his destination and decorated a precious girl's car in shoe polish and balloons. He somehow attached roses to her car with a note inviting her to the prom. Is that so fun or what. I wish I could tell you that it was my idea, but he came up with all that on his own. Oh, what did he do with the bag of flour? He spelled out the word "PROM?" in her yard. So when she got up this morning she woke up to that! And if you were wondering, She said Yes!
I know you have many kitchen table memories. Please share one of your favorites with me!!! I'd love to hear from you. And I know you've got a prom memory or two! Definitely share one with me!! Thank you for coming by today! I loved visiting with you! Please come by anytime, my door is always open.
Love love love, Ruthie


  1. I am so thrilled you have a blog! I can't wait to follow you, your art and your dinner table conversations. i have so many great memories with the kids at the table ... it may take me a while to decide which one to share!

  2. Am on my way to the eye doctor to get the patch off my eye from second cataract surgery. What a wonderful way to start this special day with reading your new blog. You are a very special artist and mom.

  3. Ruthie,
    Good for you for starting your won blog! Congratulations on a whole new journey and look forward to following.

  4. Love the blog, it looks fabulous! Can't wait to keep up with all those wonderful paintings!

  5. Ruthie! I'm already a fan! Great job on your first posting ... I thoroughly enjoyed it. And this is not a surprise, considering I'm in love with you, and your precious family. You're a wonderful conversationalist, so naturally it would translate into a comfortable blog ... and the addition of your art is a natural fit! I've often considered writing a blog of my own .... such fun! Great job, beautiful art! :)

  6. What a great post. I think your son has your creative spirit!!

  7. Hi, (Don't know how to get rid of the "SweetBaby" My husband was helping me start a blog, and that was what he called me. It's kind of cute, I may keep it."

    I had to tell how my son, Dixon, asked his date to the prom. He got a blank note from the principal's office,and had one of his date's teacher call her up to her desk and hand her the note. The teacher said, "Rachael, I'm very disappointed in you". She returned to her desk nervous, opened the note and read PLEASE GO TO PROM WITH DIXON.
    She said yes!!!
    Have a great weekend and Spring Break.