Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break

Oil on canvas panel
on sale at
Blue Giraffe
Watercolor, Florida
SoldSpring Break

I am so glad you dropped by the house. Please come on in and make yourself at home. Does this painting make you want to sit outside and drink lemonade and soak up sun, or what? I love that. I took this photo in our favorite place in the world, Seagrove, Florida. If you have never been there I highly recommend it. Lots of sun, white sand, and crystal blue green water as far as the eye can see. Oh my word I wish I was there right now. Anyway, I took this photo during our last spring break at one of our favorite little places to eat in Seagrove. Can't you just picture yourself there? Me too.  Anyway, speaking of spring break, I love it! Who am I kidding? I love holidays. But spring break just seems to get here every year at just the right time. Do you know what I mean? You just think you can't make it one more day and spring break just breathes life into your soul and gives you exactly what you need to make it to the end of  the school year. I will never forget my first spring break after I got married. I was teaching school and the first friday of spring break I practically broke speed laws driving home. I raced in the back door to find my husband hard at work and I said "babe its spring break!!!!!" and he looked at me with those sweet brown eyes and said "Babe I don't get spring break." Wow, the real world.  I was one sad little girl. But don't be sad because once my children reached school age Spring Break was back!!! I love it! And with 5 children spring break will be around for a while. I know it will be different when they are gone, but that is another blog for another day!

     I so enjoyed talking with you today. Thank you for dropping by. I hope I have put you in "spring break" mode. Tell me your favorite place to go for spring break! I love holidays! Really and truly every day is a holiday. So enjoy your holiday today! Come by anytime, my door is always open. love love love Ruthie


  1. Ruthie, Love your painting , great colors. I have never been to Seagrove , I will have to check it out. My husbands spring break is next week.

  2. Ruthie, I am taking my grandsons and daughter to our nation's capitol for Spring Break, and we are all going to have our portrait painted by Jill Banks. Check out her blog. She is painting 100 portraits in 100 days. I love your Seagrove painting especially the colors.