Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dare to be Different

Perfect Petals 
Oil on deep edge gallery wrapped canvas
To be auctioned at
The Montgomery Academy Art Gala


I'm so glad you dropped by! Come on in, I'm on the back porch. I love to sit on my screened porch. It is one of my favorite places. We are blessed to live on a little land and so I sit and dream about beautiful things to plant all different colors and shapes. This past week when we were in Orlando, I was struck by the spectacular gardening in the theme parks. You all know what I am talking about. Perfectly manicured and absolutely NO stray limbs or flowers. They all look exactly the same. While we are being honest I am a stray limb kinda girl. I think that is why I love this painting so much. All the leaves and petals have their own personality and march to their own beat.
When I was 4, I went to a vacation bible school. There was a woman their named Mrs. Joseph. She had eyes as bright as stars and her smile wrapped me up like a warm blanket. She was different. I liked it. That week she taught me my first bible verse, John 3:16. She not only taught me about Jesus' love for me she showed me His love for me. At the end of the week, I will never forget, she prayed with me and I asked Jesus to come into my heart. Though I did not fully grasp the depth of my decision to follow Jesus, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus loved me and that I would one day get to live with Him in heaven. Until that day I want my life to look different. Like Mrs. Joseph...like Jesus. I must admit being different and marching to my own beat is not always easy. Sometimes it is lonely...sometimes even hurtful. But when I think about Jesus enduring death on the cross for me, a cruddy day is nothing.
So dare to be different. Speak to the girl in line at the grocery store and ask what she is cooking for dinner. Be kind to the guy at the fast food window. Hold the door for a stranger and if you are really feeling brave tell him to have a great day. Thank you Mrs. Joseph for being different and showing me Jesus.
I so enjoyed this time on the porch. Come by anytime, my door is always open. love love love Ruthie


  1. Ruthie, this is amazing! I love love love it! ;-)

  2. This is beautiful Ruthie. I love my porch too! Please let us know how the auction goes. Good luck.

  3. Beautiful. I love the "open door, on the back porch". I have coffee ready at all times. I'd love to visit with you!

  4. Wouldn't you be surprised if we ALL showed up on your wonderful porch!!! I love the way you think - I'm a stray limb kind of girl, too! Beautiful painting - someone lucky will have it in their home to make them smile every day!

  5. Wonderful painting Ruthie!! I have been blessed with two "Mrs Josephs" in my life! One who led me to Jesus when I was 11 and one I met when I was just 16 who "grounded" me in the Word. She is 87 now and I count her as one of the great treasures in my life. Everybody needs a "Mrs. Joseph" don't you think? BTW...your writing style is amazing!

  6. Love this painting Ruthie, it is full of joy . You are indeed a shining light for Jesus in this world. My Mrs.Joseph was busy growing up , she found me and pointed me to Jesus when I was 44. She is my daughter.
    To all the Mrs. Joseph's out there keep on doing what you do best , sharing God's love.