Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Lady at the Park

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Welcome back! I am so glad you dropped by. I am so sorry I have not been here, I have been on spring break with my family. Have I got some stories for you! There is no way I can tell them all in one day so grab a spoon and your favorite Blue Bell and I will share just one story today.
We spent eight very long hours in the car to reach our destination of Orlando, Fla. Since we arrived so late we went to an outlet mall near our hotel (how convenient) for dinner. We shopped a little and then got to bed early anticipating a long but fabulous day at Universal Studios flying around with Harry Potter. We got to the park very early and ran directly to Hogwarts. Dueling Dragons. dementors. broomsticks, butterbeer, magic amazing adventure! Truly amazing! However, at the end of the day, the thing that stood out most of all ... believe it or not... the bathroom attendant. I am not kidding. I actually try not to drink anything so I don't have to go to the bathroom, do you know what I mean? It really is kinda gross if you think about it. Anyway, I did drink a huge water and by 10:00am I am looking for the bathroom. I prepare to go in. I take a very large breath, try desperately not to touch anything, push the door open with my sleeve,and would you believe, this precious woman, about my age is in there dressed like a Harry Potter character and she is constantly sweeping and mopping and checking each stall for availability and cleanliness. When the stall was open she would sweetly look toward the line and open the stall door and say "next". When I went again later after a huge diet coke, she was still there. still serving, still smiling. When we left the park at closing time, my feet aching and all of us complaining of basically too much fun, I saw her again sweeping the street outside the bathroom still smiling, still serving. I can't really put into words what my heart feels. I had the day of my life with my family on rides that would blow you away, and yet my mind is focused on this precious woman who served thousands of people she did not even know in kinda the yukkiest place in the park with a sweet smile all day long. All day long! Wow! Humbling! Truly! She blessed me! She challenged me! She reminds me to be thankful! To serve others with a sweet heart! To be kind! The list goes on. You know it does! I hope her story encourages you to live outside your bubble and serve someone else. It takes time. It takes effort. Sometimes it even takes courage. But the reward is great! It's worth it!
I know that was a lot to take in, but it's been heavy on my mind. Thanks for stopping by. I love love love seeing you. Come any time, the door is always open. Leave me comment of job you had that may not have been your favorite, but one that brought with it lessons and rewards.  love love love Ruthie


  1. Loved not only the story, but your painting too. Great boats! However, your post was a wonderful thing to read to start my week off. Thanks.

  2. Ruthie,
    Who bought my painting? I love this. I have been obsessed with water/ and paintings of water for a few years now. I am so drawn to this picture. I love your blog! I sent it to my sister, niece, daughter and friend...
    I am also interested to see how much your painting has changed since I bought my angels at the Jr. League market so many years ago. Maybe it is time for another Ruthie in my house...with water!
    Keep it up .