Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Spot

It Takes Two
30x40 Oil on deep edge canvas

on sale at
Gallery East
Montgomery, Alabama

Hi! I am so glad you dropped by today! Seems like forever since we have talked. Spring is so busy at our house with sports and school that I don't get to my studio near as much as I would like. I love this painting! It has "holiday" written all over it, which,by the way, is my favorite word. Which reminds me of my favorite place... the beach. This time of year I head to the beach for the Seaside half marathon. It really is fun. Tons of people come out and run and there is food and bands and one cool thing is that Vera Bradley is one of the sponsors of the race and if you finish the 13.1 miles you not only get an awesome medal, but a Vera Bradley bag as well! I love that! Anyway, two years ago I ran the race with one of my boys(kinda, he was way in front of me but we were out there together) Anyway, I must admit my training that year was not great. It consisted of me jogging a 7 mile loop near my house maybe 3 times a week for about a month. So I can do this. We are off. Luke is way out in front, I am taking in the scenery at a nice conservative 10 minute mile pace. I get to the turn around and I see my family there with posters and yelling my name and all of a sudden I feel like I am in slow motion and I can't hear a thing. My heart rate begins to pick up and I am feeling a little panicy( I don't think that is a word but you know what I mean) I get eye contact with my sweet husband who is cheering me on with all of his heart and I mouth to him... I am not going to make it. He is cheering away and I am now looking at him over my shoulder and my eyes begin to fill with tears and I am quickly loosing my breath. I begin to self talk like you would not believe to keep from losing it. I ran on this woman's shoulder for a minute and she did not like it and she moved ahead. I was feeling rejection and defeat at this point. At mile 8 I got water and this packet of Goo hoping it would be like a magic pill. Instead it sat in my throat for the next 2 miles as I crept along at a pathetic pace fighting tears the whole way. At mile 10 this woman in a pink jogging suit and pink hat pulled up beside me and obviously noticed I was not doing well, and she said" Come on, let's jog this in together. We can do this!" Y'all, the pink jogging suit girl carried me 3 miles all the way to the finish line. To this day I don't know her name, but I love her with all my heart, and I will always remember how she stayed with me and encouraged me that day. Some days...most days "It Takes Two" My challenge for you is to be the girl in the pink jogging suit for someone today. And if you have a pink jogging suit girl in your life share your story with me. I'd love to hear it! Be strong and courageous in whatever you do! You can do it!
Come see me again! You know my door is always open! love love love Ruthie


  1. You, my friend, are my pink jogging suit girl! Thanks for our Thursday mornings. I LOVE the blog. It is wonderful.

  2. What a great story. I'm impressed with you for doing something like that.
    Your painting is beautiful and thanks so much for coming by to visit me and leaving a lovely, encouraging comment.

  3. What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing and encouraging us to be the "pink jogging suit girl".

    Love the painting.

  4. OK, I've heard this story before - but I really heard it this time:) though I NEVER wear pink, I'm putting on my pink jogging suit and taking the book to my "struggling jogger" Thank you for being my friend and inspiration, in so many ways.

  5. Ruthie, this painting is fabulous in every way, especially the color. I have had many pink jogging suit ladies in my life in that I am a sixteen year survivor of breast cancer. I am so glad the lady who helped you was wearing pink, because that is the special color to all breast cancer victims. Your new web site is sensational.