Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My New Baby

DSC_0048I am so glad you stopped by! I'm so excited for you to meet my new baby! Isn't she just about the cutest thing you've ever seen? I met her this morning! My children had just left for school and Eddie got a phone call that our cows had gotten out of the pasture. We quickly grabbed boots, food for the cows, and of course my camera and headed out the door. The pasture is about  three minutes from the house, so we got there in no time. Our sweet neighbor and his wife were outside our gate with news that they had already gotten the cows back inside. While we stood there talking, I noticed that my cow, Holiday, was off by herself and not with the herd. I watched her for a minute, and then I could see why! She had a sweet new baby by her side. Holiday is such a good mama! That sweet thing was born yesterday in the rain. We had some rain yesterday. It never quit. So we named her Rain. She is fine. We drove into the pasture to get a closer look. Eddie dropped pellets for all the other girls then carefully made his way over to Holiday and gave her her very own pile of food so she could stay with Rain. Meet Rain.


Oh my goodness! She is sweet! Look at that precious face. I sat in the field with her and watched her while Eddie moved hay around for the rest of the cows. I told Eddie I could have sat there all day and watched her and taken pictures. She was as curious of me as I was of her, but her mama was so protective it was hard for either of us to get to know each other too well.


I think it's amazing how God made animals to have babies and take care of them. I love watching the animal channel and seeing all the different animals care for their young. It's so  incredible! Holiday had one eye on her food, one eye on me and both eyes on Rain. And even though there were lots of mama cows out there, Rain knew exactly who her mama was. She had no trouble finding her breakfast. Fascinating!


How adorable are they? These are a couple of the other babies, and they came over to say hi to Rain. They stopped by to say hi to me first and then over to Rain.  They are not much older than Rain, but just enough older to not be the new kid. I could hardly wait to watch them introduce themselves to Rain, and of course, see Holiday's reaction as well.


I'm not too sure that anybody really enjoyed the company at first. It might have been a little early. Holiday was looking at me like "Really?" Sweet Rain just kind of stood there motionless. One of the babies moved in and just licked her little face and kind of chewed on her ear. I thought it was a very sweet gesture. Rain didn't move, and Holiday had a look of uneasiness the whole time. Every one was tip toeing around each other. It really was funny!


However, at the end of the day, I think Rain felt welcomed into the group! And I think Holiday was glad to see her making friends so quickly! Isn't that just like a mama? She wasn't quite ready to send her out to play but so wanted her to meet new friends and feel loved. Though Holiday was obviously holding her breath, she did good. But I know she was ready for everyone to say goodbye so she could be selfish with her baby just a little while longer.


I think this picture is hilarious! It's like the other mamas sent the babies over to test the water, and once they looked like all was well then they all came over to speak. My Holiday was not so thrilled when the crowd decided to visit! She looked a little irritated when all the big mamas began to circle around her new baby. They all took turns smelling her and nudging her and just saying hello. It was really sweet, but I thought at one point Holiday might come unglued. I even told Eddie I was a little nervous for myself at one point. But she did great! I was so proud of her to share her little blessing with everybody! She is a good mama!


Today is Valentine Eve! It's the day before the day we celebrate love!!!! Don't let the day go by without loving somebody big! Seriously! Do something out of the ordinary! Call someone you haven't seen in awhile! Send a text filled with hearts! Email lots of love! Call your husband for no reason and tell him you love him. Have an amazing after school treat for your children. Visit a neighbor! Come on y'all! Love somebody out loud tomorrow! It's so much fun! Who doesn't want to be loved! What a treat!


Happy Happy Valentines day! I hope you enjoyed meeting Baby Rain as much as I did! She is my valentine this year! She is one big bundle of love! I love you!  Thank you for stopping by! love love love Ruthie



























  1. LOVE your new baby!! Please let's have a date to the pasture soon! I would love to see her before she gets too big!

  2. And I love the name...almost as much as Valentine!