Thursday, December 13, 2012

Graduation Day

 My oldest daughter graduated from college last weekend. It was an awesome event. It was so much fun having all my children together to celebrate MaryCam. We took a million pictures with Iphones and cameras constantly instagramming the occasion. Honestly, there are so many of us, if you didn't know us you would have thought that we were the paparazzi and MaryCam was a movie star! It was a such a fun time!

I had already thought through whether or not it would be an emotional day for me, and I logically decided it was not. Why would I cry on such a joyful occasion? It was such a fabulous moment. It was big! It was an incredible milestone marking a pretty amazing four year adventure. I decided I was more thrilled for her

[caption id="attachment_1679" align="alignleft" width="300"] Taylor and MaryCam[/caption]

and her accomplishment than I was emotional for me. Then we got out of the car to go to the arena and the first person we saw was one of MaryCam's best friends and room mate from freshman year, Taylor. I lost it! I love Taylor like one of my own children and seeing her wrap her arms around MaryCam woke vivid memories of their move in day at Auburn. Moving those girls in was the most fun day as well as the most difficult day. We laughed a lot and cried a lot that day! The daddys were sweating and trying not to be frustrated with us snapping photos every minute while they were laying carpet, moving shelves, and carrying a gazillion rubber maid totes up three flights of stairs. What a day! Four years later MaryCam and Taylor still make me laugh and cry all at the same time!

 The ceremony was wonderful! As I watched my baby walk down the isle to receive her diploma, I walked down memory lane. In about five minutes, I relived a million of my favorite memories. The first day of kindergarden, MaryCam singing Mary Did You Know, puppies, barbies, concerts on the porch, playing in the sprinkler, tennis matches... My heart overflows with treasures that I have collected from over the years. What are you collecting? I hope every day you are collecting sweet moments and priceless conversations, especially this time of year while children are out of school Throw away that "to do" list and make cookies or try a new recipe. Sit in a tree stand with your boys. Make gifts, ornaments, or work a 1000 piece puzzle. You know it's not about the activity, it's all about being together and really good conversation. Activity just makes conversations easier. At the end of the day ,there are no words to describe how thankful I am that I tossed the list and enjoyed every day at home.  It is such a short season that we have our children at home. Eat up every minute. Put the laundry down and watch a movie. Laugh out loud! Have ice cream for dinner! Plan a family night with pizza and games.  Ride bikes, go for coffee, color, just hang out! Don't waste another day. Wrap your arms around your baby, no matter their age and tell them that you love them! It goes by so fast! Make every minute amazing! Spending time with your family is the greatest investment you will ever make! Thank you for stopping by!                               love love love  Ruthie


  1. OH MY! Time does fly. I remember sitting on the beach with you talking about sororities and what rush would be like for Mary Cam. Can't believe her college life is over!! Congrats to her and you!!

  2. Merry! I so remember that conversation! It really seems like yesterday! It has truly flown by! I loved every minute, but i'm not sure I'm ready for it to be over! love love love R

  3. Diane! You know what its like to have a college graduate! I have experienced every emotion you can possibly imagine! Whew! But you know I love every minute! Love love love R

  4. That was so well said,,,,, and true. From the part of how fast they grow up to the part about when they become that amazing young adult. I know you are super proud of MC and the rest of your kiddos and you should be. We are proud of her as well. Love that sweet, beautiful girl....... thanks for sharing her with us.

  5. Katrina!! Thank you! They do grow up fast! and I've enjoyed every minute!!!We are just as thankful for your sweet boy! He is a joy to our home! We are blessed! love love love R