Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MaryCam's Banner

I am so glad you stopped by! Yesterday I was headed to the post office and I realized I didn't remember getting from point A to point B. I wasn't on the phone, I wasn't singing to the radio, I was deep in thought creating things. Honestly, I can't get to sleep at night and I'm up way too early because my brain clicks about 100 miles an hour. It's not with a normal to do list of things I could write down and clear my head. It's a thousand projects I create all day in my head. I can see the most insignificant thing and it spark an idea that sparks another idea that sparks another idea.... you get the picture. Anyway, MaryCam started her first "big girl" job Tuesday and I wanted to do something special for her. Probably most people would do a fabulous dinner out to celebrate or maybe meet for lunch, but not me, I had to make something. I decided to decorate the kitchen and have fabulous dinner at home with some yummy dessert. The cooking was easy it was the decorations that I enjoyed the most. I decided to make her a banner that she could keep and use again. While I was making this in my head, I decided to take a few photos so you could make one too! It was super easy, great looking, and of course so much fun! I hope you enjoy!

The first thing I did was to go through all my scraps of fabric. You need very little fabric to complete this project so scraps are perfect! I picked seven different fabrics in the pink and green family.

I chose seven fabric pieces because I wanted a triangle for each letter of MaryCam's name. Then I eyeballed a nice size triangle. No measuring, just eyeballed it.

I probably should have opened up the triangle to show you that I cut it on the fold. I hope you can see that the top of my triangle is on the fold so I only cut down the sides. I only had to make two cuts. In other words, double your fabric and cut the triangle on the fold putting the top of the triangle on the fold.

Once you've cut one triangle, rather than "eyeballing " them all, use the first one as your pattern to cut as many triangles as you need. That way you are sure to have them all the same size. But now as i'm typing this I'm thinking different sizes could be cool looking. Nonetheless, mine are basically all the same size.

I starched and Ironed all seven shapes mainly because the fabric had been waded up in a cabinet. However it does make it a little stiffer so it's easier to sew. I recommend ironing. It doesn't take but two seconds and you'll be glad you did!

I sewed all three sides about a presser foot width. This is important, when you sew the top next to the fold, leave an opening on the right and left so the string for your banner can go through it. Get it? So basically you created a little tube or pocket on the top of the triangle for the string to pass through and hold the banner up. I thought about those of you who don't have a sewing machine and I feel sure you could use a fabric glue or even staples to do the same thing.

I took this pic to show you my stitch lines. Can you even see them?

Arrange the triangles the way you want them to hang. This is kind of important to me. I did a pink then green then pink then green... If you like the way they are arranged before you hang them then you won't have to take them down and rearrange. Just put them in an order that you like before you hang them up!

I used a twine to string my banner. I tied my string to a safety pin and used the pin to help thread the string through the pocket you created at the top of the banner. Once I strung each triangle I got some old burlap and cut a few strips and tied in between each triangle. I loved the way it looked.

I have to say it looks so darling without letters on it, however I couldn't stand it. I was having so much fun that I pulled out my cricut and cut MaryCam's name out in hot pink vinyl. You could leave it plain, or paint letters or stencil letters or buy alphabet stickers at the craft store. Possibilities are endless.

It turned out so adorable. Honestly it only took me about 45 minutes. I love it and I would do it exactly the same way again! I hope you try it and send me a pic. If you have any questions email or comment! I'm dying to know what you think!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting! love love love Ruthie


  1. Mrs Ruthie...this is adorable! and I'm sure mary cam absolutely loved reminds me of all the crafting we did together at desoto! xoxo

  2. I LOVE it Ruthie!! Such a special time!

  3. LauraGrace! You are the cutest thing! Thanks for reading my blog! And... come home and visit us! Miss you and love you !!! R

  4. So cute! I think I can actually do this one - haha!!! Do you have any pics from the dinner celebration? I love seeing anything "Carlson"!!!