Friday, December 7, 2012

Diva Day

     Can you believe I titled my blog "Diva Day?" For those of you that follow my blog know I'm the furthest thing from a "Diva", but I just thought it sounded good! Anyway, I did have a  girls day out yesterday! The most fun afternoon ever! I texted my friend Lyn (I did a post on her a while back on bread making ) and told her I wanted to do a Christmas coffee craft thing. Honestly, I called Lyn because I'm not a detail girl,she is a detail girl, I am idea girl. Within minutes, she texted back with what day, what time, who is coming, and what are we making. I wasn't sure I was quite ready for all that, I think I thought I was still in the "idea stage." However, after a few texts, we had a date, time, friends, food, coffee, and craft planned. It was really impressive! I tossed around different ideas in my head for a week or two of what we could make. I absolutely love thinking about those things. Then Lyn called a few days before the coffee and said she had been making wreaths did I want her to do a fun tutorial on how to make a wreath to decorate your home. I would NEVER turn down a tutorial from Lyn. So I emailed the girls and asked them to bring greenery from their yards and I would have the rest. Yesterday morning, the weather was absolutely fabulous so Towns and I cleaned up the porch and set out all the supplies. I took photos so you could learn how to make your own wreath too! Enjoy!


This is my sweet friend Teri. If you notice we used wreaths from Hobby Lobby made out of straw or grass. I'm sure you can find them at most craft stores.

The first thing we did was cover the back of the wreath by wrapping it with magnolia leaves and pinning the leaf with "U" shaped pins.

Towns did a great job on hers! This is what the back looks like once it's been completely covered with leaves. The reason you cover the back is because if you hang it on a window or door with a window you are not going to want to see a straw wreath. Instead you'll be looking at a yummy green color.

This is my sweet friend Patti. I meant to tell you when you wrap the magnolia leaf, you put a   pin in the top and bottom of the leaf. You can see that pretty well on Patti's wreath.

My sweet friend Kelly is obviously slacking. At least she smiles while she slacks. I'm kidding, we just got started and I just wanted to use this pic because I think it's great!

After wrapping the back of the wreath, next we covered the front with magnolia leaves. We took a bunch of three leaves and pinned them down at the stems. Once you've made your way all the way around the wreath it's time to get creative.

Isn't Lyn's wreath beautiful? This really is the most fun part. We put all our finds in the middle of the table and layered layered layered. Lyn used cedar branches, holly branches, boxwoods, pine, pods, pinecones, and a few other things. Use the pins to attach all the greenery. Make sure you cover the wreath completely. How fabulous is that? It is easy and beautiful and costs only the amount of the wreath form and pins.

I loved Kelly's wreath with all the magnolia and pine and beautiful red berries and pine. Really the possibilities are endless. Use whatever you have in your yard. Be creative and be brave.

This was the most fun day! In the end, the wreaths turned out beautifully, but it was the company of sweet friends and conversations of creative souls that filled my heart so completely. There is nothing quite like the exchange of ideas and creative challenges to set your mind in motion. It was so fun. Yesterday was such a fabulous time! Being with these creative girls nourishes my soul. It's so important that you spend time with people that think like you do, that love to create and challenge you to be a better artist. I love these precious girls, and I am so thankful for how we laugh and love and always create! I love love love it! Thank you for stopping by! love love love Ruthie

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  1. I love these wreaths, Ruthie! They are beautiful and such a great idea! I think I could actually do this, and my mom definitely could. I'll be sharing this one with her! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!