Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fun Project for Fall Y'all

IMG_2524I am so glad you stopped by! In Alabama, you would never know it's fall except for friday night high school football, saturday college football, and pumpkins on everybody's front porch! The weather is still warm and the grass is still green, but pumpkins, hay bales, and mums announce fall in full bloom and color. I love it!  To welcome fall, I thought it would be fun to make a fabulous piece of art and show you each step so you could make it along with me! So grab a little imagination and creativity and follow along step by step.

IMG_2496I started with a piece of MDF from Home Depot. I cut it into a 12x12 square. ( If you can't cut your own wood, Home Depot will cut it for you for free ) I sanded my edges just a little and then gathered my supplies. I got mod podge, scissors, foam brush and decorative paper. I covered the board with paper using mod podge.


In this picture you can see that I covered the 12x12 board in paper and even added a border. I chose to use book pages and decorative paper for my border. I put it down with mod lodge.


Next I cut three pumpkins out of decorative paper. I chose orange and pink paper. No reason really, I just like those colors and thought if any of the color came through once I was through painting I would love to see those colors. My pumpkins graduated in size.I cut stems out of paper as well.


Glue them all down with a little mod podge. Number one rule, don't grow attached to your paper! You probably wont be able to see any of the paper at the end. I LOVE to layer. This is just your first layer.


This is kind of fun. Once I glued down my pumpkins, I decided it would be fun to add black birds. Found a little black and white polka dot and cut out easy shapes for birds. This is fun and easy, don't stress over birds. It's just a semi circle with a triangle tail and triangle beak. You can do it. If you want too. It's your piece and you can add anything you like. I thought a cat would be great or candy what ever you like!


Okay, this is part of my palate. I wanted you to see that I used different shades of orange to paint my pumpkins. Usually when I paint anything, I love to have about three values of that color to add shadows and highlights. I used a palate knife to mix paint and to paint with. I used heavy body acrylics for this project.


I painted these pumpkins a dark orange and then used my knife to add highlights of lighter oranges. Notice you can still see the background paper. Not for long. I mixed up a light green color using sap green, cad yellow, and white and painted it lightly. Have fun with this part. Be creative. Paint your pumpkins any color. I actually thought that neutral colors would have been really nice with a vintage feel. I painted my stems with a raw umber. I also washed my border with raw umber as well.


I cut some leaves out of green patterned paper and then painted them with sap green, cad yellow, and white.


Here you can see the leaves and the background are all painted.


Next I glued leaves, birds, and beaks. I don't know if you can see this, but I put a little fold in the leaf in order to give it a little 3D action. I I did the same thing for the birds wings. I out lined the birds with a little white paint and added a few cult vines with green and white paint. Paint to your hearts content! This is the fun part. You know me, the more layers the better!!!!!


Did I say the last part was the fun part? Who am I kidding? It's all so fun! This is really fun! Get out your stamps and ink and stamp away baby! I do love this part! I stamp all kinds of stuff. One of my fave stamps is a flower and I love to paint the flower. It just adds color and something else to see. I love that! Happy stamping!


Insert any type you like. I out lined and doodled all over this piece with a permanent black pen. Just have fun. Doodle, out line, type, just decorate to your hearts content. There is no wrong move! Go for it!


What do you think? I absolutely love it! The only hard part is figuring out where i'm going to hang it!!!! I drilled a couple of holes in the top corners and put a piece of wire so I could hang it easily! Yea! So fun! So quick and so easy! I absolutely loved creating with you! I hope you had fun in my studio today! Please send me your pics so I can see your creation! I loved hanging out! Thank you for stopping by! love love love Ruthie





















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