Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Hay" Y'all!

IMG_2580  I'm so glad you stopped by! Eddie came home last night to me standing in the driveway with my arms loaded down with yet another project. May I just say that my man is so fine! Most men would have turned the truck around and headed back to the office. My sweet husband pulls up, rolls the window down, tries to keep from laughing, and asks what I need.

Our community puts out hay bales at the entrance of it's neighborhoods to be decorated for the fall. We love riding around and seeing all the creatively adorned hay bales. Our neighborhood has never participated, and last minute, I thought it would be a great idea. I didn't want to over commit my neighbors since I decided so last minute , so I a came up with a very simple design that could be completed quickly and easily.

IMG_2581  From past experience, I have found that I rarely do quickly or easily. However, I do love a project. Eddie cut out my shapes, I painted, and  the twins  spray painted the hay. I found an old scarecrow in the attic, bought some fabulous green ribbon, and by 5:30 last night it was ready to be assembled.

I went over my design plan with Eddie that quite honestly, looked perfect in my head. He loaded his truck with a ladder and every tool known to man that he could possibly need and headed to the top of the street. After about an hour of working on the hay bale, Eddie informed me that though he loved my idea, it was not going to work and I needed a plan "B." Who IMG_2583has a plan "B?"

I say that jokingly, but seriously we are planners. We have lists, we have schedules, and we have millions of ideas. We run ourselves ragged desperately trying to "check off " as many items on the list as possible leaving us mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the day. Imagine waking up every morning without a list and without an agenda. (You actually feel lighter just thinking about that possibility, don't you?) Start your day in a quiet place and ask the Lord to fill your day. Ask Him to be the author and illustrator or your every moment. Ask Him to consume your mind with His word and flood your heart with His presence.  Psalm 73," Whom have I in heaven but Thee? and besides Thee I desire NOTHING on earth."  To desire nothing on earth, and to seek Him first. That means God is Lord of your day, not a list! I LOVE that!! Seek Him first and I promise a life filled with adventure!

IMG_2585Plan "B" worked, and by 8:30  we had a happy fall hay bale! Drive by and let me know what you think!  Thanks for stopping by! Love love love Ruthie IMG_2592






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