Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bridesmaids Weekend

[caption id="attachment_2081" align="alignleft" width="300"]Beautiful Girls. My sweet KK missed the picture and we missed Stevie and Nat. Beautiful Girls. My sweet KK missed the picture and we missed Stevie and Nat.[/caption]

Im so glad you stopped by! I could hardly wait to tell you about the bridesmaids weekend. It's kind of the thing now to do a weekend away for the bride and her bridesmaids. I was really excited about this weekend because I am so in love with MaryCam's bridesmaids and I couldn't think of anything more fun than treating them to a fun and fabulous weekend. I think typically the girls get together and plan this weekend, but I really wanted this to be my gift to them. I wanted them to come to the lake and be on vacation. I wanted them to disconnect from the real world and enjoy each other's company and laugh and sleep and eat and catch up. The weekend was my joy. The girls arrived at the lake house on friday afternoon. They pulled up to the house to find my favorite of all my decorations. The painted pallet.

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I cannot take credit for this idea, I found it on pinterest. I loved it. I found an old pallet and sanded it down just a bit. I got some old poster paint and painted a heart on the boards. It took no time. With white acrylic paint I put the bible verse right on the heart. For me, it set the tone for the rest of the weekend. I've actually saved it to use again!


Okay, now the fun begins! I got to make them all a little treat bag. I love surprises. I painted the front of each bag with a white "flowey" dress and outlined it with "here comes the bride."


I used some heart pine left over from flooring my house and cut it to about 5x12. I sanded and stained each board and then painted an angel on each one in a soft blue green color. I signed it and put a bible verse on the back. This was really like giving each girl a piece of my heart.


I hope you can see this pic. Each bag had an angel, a glass that I put the word "bridesmaid" on and filled with kisses, a photo of themselves with MaryCam and of course glow in the dark bracelets. Not pictured are fabulous cookies that Towns made with MaryCam's monogram. They were delicious and gorgeous.


So when the girls arrived this was waiting for them as they entered the house. I thought it turned out great! I considered putting it on their bed, but all together they made such a fun and festive statement. So I put ball jars by their beds with white roses instead. I think it was a good choice.


Is this the cutest thing or what? I had this wood in my studio and I made a stencil and painted the letters L, V, and E. Then I found some old white buttons and glued them on in the shape of a heart. I really loved it. KK said she wants to put it in her room. After I painted, I did lightly sand it to give that aged look.


Okay, I loved this too. ( I am laughing so hard at myself, I love everything) Anyway, this took a little bit more time, but I think it was worth it. I had 5x5 blocks in my studio that I covered in paper. Then I painted and stamped and aged each piece. Then I used my cricut to make vinyl letters to stick on each block. Lastly, I put an eyelet in the top so I could put white wire ribbon on each one. I loved it.


This was a fun little spot. I covered a table in burlap and had a little "station" for crafts and notes. First, how cute is the "S" frame? I found a three dollar frame and sprayed it with metallic spray paint and framed an 8x10 piece of glitter paper. MaryCam is all about some glitter. Then I glued a wooden S for "Shaw" (her soon to be new last name)  right in the middle. Love! I put a flower pot filled with glue, scissors, pens and markers on the table just in case anyone felt the need to be really creative. I also put pink paper on the table and asked each bridesmaid to leave MaryCam a love note in the brown bag. So fun.IMG_2416I made this piece of mixed media for MaryCam to keep in her memory book. I asked each girl to put her thumb print in the center of a flower and then sign a leaf or stem. I really don't know why I did that, but I liked it. It turned out really cool.

I had the most fun decorating the rest of the house with banners and balloons and white roses everywhere. My sweet husband drove me to the lake and helped me decorate the night before the party. It was so much fun. The decorations were a blast, but filling the refrigerator with tons of food was a ball. One of my best friends, Connie, wanted to celebrate MaryCam so she helped me with all the food. Oh my goodness, and was there fun food. We had real food, and snack food, and chips, and dips, and of course there was chocolate.  MaryCam's sweet future mother in law sent breakfast for both mornings. I think it was perfect.

I went up late sunday afternoon after everyone had gone and spent a couple of hours with Towns sitting on the dock hearing about every minute. It made my heart so happy to hear her say what a sweet time it had been. I am tearful now as I think about each girl driving to spend the weekend to celebrate my MaryCam. Each girl has been such a blessing in MaryCam's life and mine! I have sweet memories of each girl and their beautiful smiles. They are amazing young women who I am thankful to know and love as my own. Friends are precious treasures and God has been gracious to bless MaryCam's life with girls that love the Lord and love her. As a mama I could not wish for sweeter friends in her life. To MaryCam's bridesmaids, precious girlfriends, thank you for a perfect weekend. I love you with all my heart.                                love love love a thankful mama, Ruthie





















  1. Oh Ruthie! What a blessing for both you and Mary Cam! I am tucking this one away to remind me of what is really important when Betsy gets married: the LOVE that will surround her.

  2. Thank you BB!!! It really was the most special weekend!! I would do it all over again! Love love love

  3. I can just see the excitement in you as you prepared every single detail for this weekend!!! I know those girls each felt so blessed!!! I'm so glad you're experiencing such a special time with MC!!!

  4. This is so great Ruthie and makes me MISS YOU SO MUCH! Love your heart.

  5. We had a ball Mrs. Ruthie!!! Thank you for thinking of every little detail and making it such a fun, sweet, relaxing weekend of celebrating our sweet Cammie! You are so thoughtful and such a wonderful Mama. Can't wait for more celebrations to come. Love you!!!

  6. Oh the weekend was so much fun! I loved reading this and thinking back to the fun weekend we had! It was such a fun and relaxing weekend celebrating Mary Cam. Thank you for all of your hard work! What a blessing y'all are to me! XOXO
    Ps- Mom will love reading about the mixed media you created!