Thursday, October 4, 2012


 I was wondering how you felt about wearing a helmet? Yesterday I was jogging in a neighborhood, and I passed two precious boys riding bikes on the sidewalk. Obviously they were brothers. The oldest boy looked to be about 8 years old and the other looked to be around age 5. The oldest was in front on a mountain bike without a helmet. The younger boy had training wheels on his bike pedaling as hard as he could and barely moving, but he had his helmet on tight. Apparently, the big brother did not think he needed his helmet that day. I guess he thought he was a good enough rider that he didn't need protection. Maybe he figured it was a short ride and he was close to home and he would be fine without it. After all, it was just a leisurely ride on the side walk.

Tuesday I was sitting in "my chair" studying for my sunday school lesson and without any notice or warning my mind was invaded with lies. I heard lies such as, "You are wasting your life. You should not be teaching art, you are not creative. You are worthless." For a split second, I must admit, I lost my breath and considered giving into my emotions. But God Almighty reminded me of His word that I had heard on sunday. My preacher, Mr. Mac, is teaching from Ephesians 6 about putting on God's armor daily that we might be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. (verse 11) Sunday we learned about putting on the helmet of salvation and taking up the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Rather than surrendering to the lies of satan, I put on my helmet and I picked up my sword  and God rid my mind of lies and filled me with His peace.

Just like the little boy on his bike, I was enjoying a leisurely morning without my helmet. With out warning, I was hit and unprotected. That sweet boy made it safely home, and because of the helmet of salvation and the word of God so did I. I asked you at the beginning of this post how you felt about helmets. I hope after reading my story you never leave home without it.

I would love to hear your stories! Leave your comment so everyone can read and be encouraged! love love love Ruthie

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