Monday, October 22, 2012


 I am so glad you stopped by. I couldn't wait to give you the latest update on our cows. Eddie asked me to help him with the cows a couple of days ago, and you know I couldn't get in the truck fast enough. However, I probably should have asked a few more questions, because he needed help separating the big babies from their mamas. I realize they need to be weened from their mamas, but these calves are like my children and I thought it was really hard to do. We first separated them into different pens and the mamas were nervous and uneasy. The babies were clueless as they followed me wanting to be petted and loved and fed out of my hand (they are so spoiled). Then we loaded the calves into the trailor and the mamas were frantically pacing back and forth. When we left the big field the mamas mooed like crazy. I've never heard anything like it! As I was locking the gate, it just about did me in watching Eddie leave with the babies and seeing the mamas left standing there.

As I drove home, the sun was going down and I thought about the babies spending their first night alone in a new place. I am so glad sweet Valentine will be there. She has been without her mama since birth and will no doubt be an encouragement to the girls. Over the next year the girls will not only grow in size but grow very close to each other. It will be fun watching them grow into teenagers. I do wonder how our relationship will change. Now they eat out of my hand and follow me like puppies. I know it will be different, I just wonder what different will look like.

I'm laughing out loud at myself, but the teenage years with cows is not too different from teenage years with children. It's important that teenagers become more self sufficient, but that doesn't mean that they abandon their relationship with their parents. I think it's so important that my teenagers learn to do things for themselves like projects, homework, even some laundry. I think it's good they learn to make their own haircut appointments, pick up things from the grocery, register for college tests, and even RSVP their own invitations. I know I'm probably stepping on toes, but every time your child learns to do something new for himself he gains more confidence and more self respect. Just because you are no longer making their haircut appointments doesn't mean your not needed or your relationship is non existent. It actually takes your relationship to another level. A more mature relationship and a deeper love and respect.

My calves will be grazing in big pastures and will no longer eat out of my hand. However, they will love when I visit and bring hay and pellets. I feel sure they will even want me to pet them and rub their necks. In the same way, as my children grow in their independance our relationship will also grow and be even sweeter! And just so you know, I will always wrap my arms around them every chance I get and

[caption id="attachment_1499" align="alignleft" width="200"] My sweet Valentine![/caption]

remind them how much they are loved! Be brave! Let go of that "control thing." I promise you won't regret it!

Love love love Ruthie


  1. You always amaze me with your stories. Tears filled my eyes thinking of babies first night without mama or vice versa. Having a Senior this hits hard. Love you Ruthie and ALWAYS love stopping by.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this! Very well put and insightful! I wish more parents would understand that the 'weening' process helps teens grow up and will enhance their long-term relationships with parents and other adults. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Loved this!