Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Valentine

Guess who went home to "greener pastures?" My little Valentine. Eddie and Luke loaded her up  on the cattle trailer sunday afternoon. As I walked out to the trailer from the house, I called her name and she just mooed! Oh my goodness! That sweet thing has completely stolen my heart! I put a little sugar on my hand and let her lick it all off for a little treat. My sweet girl was just talking up a storm. I gave her a little more sugar and we headed to the pasture. I asked Eddie question after question all the way there. "Will her mama know her?" "Will the other girls like her?" "Who will she sleep with at night?""Will she be afraid?" He answered every question as best as he could, but my heart still pounded a little faster the closer we got to Valentine's new home.

We pulled right into the middle of the pasture. All the cows and calves came running and mooing anticipating food from Eddie. He put pellets out for all the cows and they rushed in to eat like there was no tomorrow. Then Eddie walked over and opened the trailer for Valentine to get out. She hopped right off and walked straight towards the group to say hello. She is not shy.

I have to admit I've never seen cows walk away from food, but every one of them stopped eating to check out the new girl. I held  my breath as some of the older girls approached her and nudged her a little. The younger girls, all about her age, seemed excited to have a new friend on the playground. Valentine would run back and forth from us to the group mooing and kicking like a child excited to show off her new friends. It really was adorable. I will say, her mama did check her out, but she didn't really seem to know her. My heart sank  a little thinking about her not having that bond with her mama. We watched her for about 45 minutes, and when I felt like she was going to be fine we loaded up to leave.

It was suppose to rain that night, and as silly as it sounds, I wondered who she would snuggle with when the sun went down and the rain began to fall. I also thought what if she doesn't recognize my voice next time I come? What if she doesn't come when I call her name? What if she doesn't lick sugar from my hands anymore? What if she figures out she is a cow?

As we were leaving, my children asked if I was going to blog about Valentine going home. When I said yes they suggested names for the blog. Some were hilarious! But then someone suggested "Change"as the title. As I thought about that word, my mind began to travel in my own life reminding me that my home is undergoing change right and left. As my children are growing up and graduating and making their own ways, I am experiencing new adventures with and without them. Change. I want to invite you to travel down this road of "change" with me. I think traveling this road together will not only be more fun, but will illuminate that path not yet taken. So grab a good pair of shoes and let's do this adventure together.
I look forward to being with you!
Love love love Ruthie

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