Wednesday, May 16, 2012

David and Goliath

I love watching girls tennis. I guess it's because I played and coached for so many years. My husband, who is the only one in our family who doesn't play, has learned the game well from watching our children. He probably is the most nervous watching our children play. He plays every point off the court as they play on the court. He also has his signature "three claps" when he encourages them. They would know his clapping anywhere! I, on the other hand, sit on their court but don't keep score quite so intently. I'm not sure why. I think I'm less nervous not playing every point, and really, at the end of the day, they've done their homework and they always play with everything they've got , so win or lose it's always a great match! I've also watched too many parents put pressure on their kids to win and it's one big emotional roller coaster, and that's one ride I refuse to get on!

On the first day of the state tournament,  KK played two doubles matches and  two singles matches. KK's last match was about dinner time against a girl who she had played a couple of times but never beaten. Before she went on the court, she asked me for advice on how to beat her. She said as many times as they have played she had not been able to find this girl's weakness. She finally decided, without a doubt, she would simply have to out play her. We got a big hug and a high five and she walked out on the court to win. It was fascinating to watch. She played beautifully and with no fear. However, she lost the first set 2-6. You would have never known she lost the first set, her body language and facial expressions revealed nothing but focus and determination. I could tell she changed a few things in her strategy going into the second set, and it paid off. She was up by a game the entire set until the score reached 5-4. The other girl made a few adjustments and went on to win the set and match 6-2, 7-5. It was a great match. I watch KK meet her at the net and congratulate her and wish her well on her next match. I knew her heart battled the disappointment of losing and the pride of playing so well. I love that she came off the court surprised she lost, ready to play her again, and happy for her opponent's success.

As I have thought about that match this week, I am challenged by KK's strength and confidence. Do you remember the story of David and Goliath? David was a young shepherd boy and Goliath was a warrior and champion. However, young David defeated Goliath in battle with nothing but a pebble and a sling shot. Well, not just a sling shot. If you've read the story in scripture you know David's faith was in God alone. David was fearless and scripture says he "ran" into battle to meet Goliath. He was fearless because his confidence was in Christ.
How crazy is it that we so often "run" to meet the "goliaths" of the day, but we run by ourselves? We don't take time to spend time in God's word and prepare for the day. We completely run into battle unarmed? Who does that? And it's not until we are completely exhausted that we turn to our Savior for help. KK walked on that court with not only a racket and tennis balls, but with God Almighty. She reminded me how to go into battle fearlessly and with my armor on head to toe. Even though her opponent won the match, KK was victorious that day.
Take Him with you on the battlefield today. Don't go alone. No matter what the score, with Christ it's always a win!
1Samuel 17:20-58
Love love love Ruthie

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