Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The birds in the tree tops sing their song
The angels watch over us while we play;

The flowers they bloom all day long
so why shouldn't we praise God all day!
I am so glad you stopped by! I have missed talking with you. My summer has been fabulous so far! It's been busy! A good busy. I love summer! I am such the summer girl! I love the hot weather and the afternoon showers. It's my favorite! I don't know that these photos really do this art work justice, but I love these things. I design, cut , sand , and screw these cool things together. I absolutely love doing it. I guess the colors the creativity and the elbow that go into making them gives me the hugest amount of satisfaction. These pieces live in Mentone, AL at Camp Desoto. I love it! I've also been sewing for my daughter's dorm room and painting fun things to go on the very unattractive wall. I will definitely get pics of that and share with y'all. I am also redoing my other daughter's room at home. It's been so much fun to do dorms and redo rooms because my three girls have shared a room with each other their whole lives. Even though they each added their own little personal touches like flowers intertwined around the iron headboard or glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling,  they have never really had the opportunity to do their own thing. So helping them do a dorm room or redo the bedroom has been so fun for me because they have such different likes and dislikes. I love seeing their personalities come out in little things like light up flowers or bulletin boards or furry pillows. How could three girls grow up in the same home and be so different? I love it! I really do. It helps me to see the world three different ways. I love that. I love when you ask a question you get three different answers. There is something very creative about that. When my middle daughter was interviewing for a job that my oldest daughter had had the summer before, they asked Towns if she and MaryCam were a lot alike. She laughed and said complete opposites. When they asked for an example I thought her answer was perfect. She said that their standards and goals were very much alike but the process in which they reached those goals was completely different.
In John chapter 21 the disciples were out fishing. They hadn't caught a thing all night. They heard a voice from the shore call out to cast from the right hand side of the boat ,and I know you remember the story, they pulled up more fish than the nets could hold. But my favorite part of the story comes in verse 7. When Peter realized it was Jesus on the shore who had called to them, he immediately jumped out of the boat and swam to shore. I love love love that! He could not get there fast enough! I love his personality. I think some people would frown and say he was impulsive and quick to act. Maybe not think things through. Maybe. When was the last time you jumped out of the boat without thinking and what made you jump? Wow! It's a lot to think about. What makes you jump out of the boat? ... I want to be like Peter and jump with full abandonment into the Saviors arms. Do you love that word? Full abandonment. There is such freedom in that word and yet for some maybe fear. But for Peter that day, he jumped with all of his heart to be with Jesus. When did you jump with all your heart and what made you jump?
I have missed being with y'all. I hope you are encouraged by Peter's story. I love all your comments so much! But most of you comment on my face book and others don't get the benefit of   reading your thoughts like I do. Y'all have so many precious stories and so much wisdom. If you comment please leave it in my blog so others can be encouraged by you.
Love Love Love Ruthie


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  1. I love reading your blog... this one (and the one about raising boys) is my favorite! I love that you are sewing and painting and just loving life with your sweet family! Of course, I love looking at your paintings, too. Makes me want to get out my brushes!