Sunday, August 21, 2011

Love Lotes

Happy Days
Mixed Media
12x12 Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Come on in! I am so glad you are here! How do you like my art work? I love all kinds of art,  but mixed media and collage are just so much fun. Really it is therapy for me to just glue stuff.  In fact, I have a precious group of friends who lovingly call me GG....Glue Girl. Anyway my collages make me happy and I hope they make your heart smile!
Speaking of making your heart smile, "Love Lotes" make my heart smile. Ever since I can remember my daddy, whom I call Paw Paw, has written me lotes. I call them lotes because I have always been his little rabbit and he is the Big Rabbit and we talk in this rabbit language. (I am 46 and we still speak rabbit) Anyway he helped me buy a pair of running shoes a while back and he sent me a lote and I wanted to share it with you.

Dear Little Rabbit,
It makes the Big Rabbit so happy when he can put something in the Little Rabbit's basket. It makes the fur around his ears stand up strong. Big Rabbits were made for helping little rabbits -especially when the garden gets a little thin and the carrots and the lettuce doesn't go real far. I love the Little Rabbit more than anything. We just need to play in Mr. Frank's garden...that's what I miss the most. Love and kisses on the nose. Mine is twitching right now because I love you.
P.P. Rabbit

I love love love lotes! I love receiving them and I love sending them. I absolutely love going to the mailbox and finding a lote with my name on it. You know exactly what I mean! You know a smile spreads across your face when there is a personal lote in the mailbox with your name hand written on the envelope. You know you can hardly wait to open it and see who it's from! You know the feeling! I love it! I also love that the most precious love lote of all is God's word.
I love in Isaiah 43 verse 1 that God says...
Do not fear!
I have redeemed you!
I have called you by name!
You are mine!
What a love lote! He has redeemed you! How sweet is it that He, King if Kings, has called you by your name, and you belong to Him and you never have to fear! I love love love that! So go write someone a love lote today!   Love love love Ruthie



  1. Ruthie I love this! You need to make more of these and have them printed into cards. What a fun, precious daddy you must have. So glad you were able to glue something!

  2. Ruthie, this brought tears to my eyes! What a blessing!

  3. Ruthie, love your Happy Days glue project. It is so much fun and uplifting. Can't wait to see the next one. Loved reading about Love Lotes. You are so blessed to have a dad like that in your life. Keep writing and painting and gluing. I love it all.
    I also love Isaiah 43:1 , it says it all !