Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Whisper

Calm Before the Storm
On its way to
Blue Giraffe
Watercolor, Florida
Come in! I am so glad you dropped by. I really do look so forward to your visit. I can hardly believe the first week of school has come and gone. My favorite part of the day is getting to pick up my twins after school. Luke stays after school for football so I get the twins all to myself for about 25 minutes as I shuttle them to the tennis courts. As I am waiting on my twins I adore watching the children leave school and head to their cars. Girls walk in pairs or packs constantly chatting and laughing desperately hoping to be noticed by any boy. And the boys are walking by themselves directly to their car probably thinking about their after school snack. Anyway yesterday a group of girls were standing near my car and all of a sudden they all got very quiet and very still and their circle got a lot tighter. One girl in the pack had lowered her voice and completely captivated them with her words. A few seconds later they all broke out in laughter. Need I tell you I was dying to know what they were saying.
Last night my husband was in the den with Luke talking about something and I was in the kitchen with the twins. My den and kitchen are kind of right in there together, so as not to distract the boys in the den I lowered my voice to talk to the twins. Later that night Eddie could hardly wait to ask me what I was whispering to the twins. I laughed so hard thinking about him in the den with the TV going and in the middle of a conversation and he heard me whisper.
I remember when I was in the 8th grade my history teacher was frustrated with the class for talking and not paying attention and she lowered her voice and said whoever was listening she was giving a test the next day and all we had to do was sign our name and get a 100 and not to tell anyone. Ok yes I was listening and I am a total rule follower and a great keeper of secrets.
What is it about a whisper?  At night my husband has the TV on watching the news and I will be sound to sleep and never hear a word of it. But when he turns off the TV and whispers "I love you" I hear it loud and clear.
When someone whispers you get as close as you can, your body is completely still and you magically tune out the rest of the world and your ears come alive and hear only that one voice...that whisper.
In 1Kings 19 beginning in verse 11 God told Elijah to go stand on the mountain that He was passing by. And there was a fantastic wind and a fire and even an earthquake, but it said God was not in them. But in verse 12 it said He came in a gentle breeze.
Ahhhh, a gentle breeze, a whisper. That thought alone fills my heart with a calm like no other. Today lets be still and tune out the world for just a moment and hear Him whisper.



  1. Love this, Ruthie. I've also noticed how ears perk up when someone whispers...especially when it's spoken in someone else's ear!! :-) I need my own ears to perk up when God whispers. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. I love this too...One of my favorite versed is Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. In the noisy busy world we live in it is sometimes hard to slow down and be quiet so we can hear Gods quiet voice to us. Hurricane Irene was a wake up call to me as to how addicted I am to the internet and tv. I was grateful for the quiet time I had to be alone with God and hear his soft whispers to me. Thanks for your post.

  3. So thoughtfully written Ruthie. We need to tune out and listen to the Whisper.