Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heart Crafts

IMG_3008 I'm so glad you stopped by! Valentines is not far away, and if you follow my blog you know I LOVE valentines day! I LOVE love! I love celebrating love. I love crafting. So put those things together and you get super cute valentine decorations. I have also found some pretty fun ideas on pinterest . If you love valentines follow my valentine board on pinterest. I would love for you to follow me on instagram too. (ruthiecarlsonart) I will post some really fun valentine ideas starting tomorrow.

For today, I saw a version of these valentines on pinterest. I decided to make these and share the process with you. It was quick, easy and tons of fun.


I started by cutting a pattern. I cut two hearts. One big and the other one just smaller so that it would fit inside the other. The size of the heart is really up to you. Mine were small, about the size of the palm of my hand.


I used my pattern and cut hearts out of fabric scraps. I also cut a small rectangle to use as a tag in the middle of the smallest heart.


Isn't this so cute? I picked scraps of fabric and layered them until I was happy with my color choices. I really love the way the fabrics go together, so now I'm ready to stamp.


I used permanent ink to stamp the word "LOVE" on my fabric tags. I really adore the way it turned out. Now it's time to sew.


Before I sew, I just wanted to say that you really could put any word on the tag. Maybe someone's name or a term of endearment. You could put buttons on it or sequins. However you decide to embellish the heart, you would want to do it now.


Sew the tag on first to the smallest heart with a quick straight stitch.


How cute is that? Then sew the smaller heart right on top of the large heart using a straight stitch.



Next, take a second large heart and with right sides together sew them together leaving a hole so that you can be sure to turn it right side out.


Turn it right side out and stuff with batting, like a pillow. Then take a needle and thread and stitch by hand the hole.


Do you love it? I love it! They are adorable. Truly quick and easy! I wondered what I would do with them now. I do love the process of creating more than anything so I really don't need a "purpose" for things I make. That so makes me laugh. However, I was thinking of you and wondering what I would tell you to do with them. You could make more and put them in a precious bowl on your table. KK recommended making a few more and using them to create a banner. They could always be a tag on the top of a gift. And really, I think they are so fabulous that each one could stand alone and be the gift. Anyway, let me know what you decide to do with your hearts! This has been the most fun. I've loved sharing this idea with you. Check back with me, I've got tons of fun easy ideas that don't involve sewing! I promise. Love love love Ruthie














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  1. I think I'm going to make Jacey and her roommates a door hanger to hang on their dorm door - wouldn't these be so cute hung from ribbon?!! Thanks for sharing!!!