Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Leaving the Nest

I'm so glad you stopped by! What a day this has been. I moved my third child off to college today. My Luke. I woke up early this morning to be by myself and write him a letter. I started off strong, but by the second sentence my eyes were so flooded with water I could hardly see the paper. Crazy how tears can blind you from what is right in front of you  and yet so vividly illuminate memories stored in your heart. I could clearly see Luke at age 10 with those big brown eyes wide open as he pulled a fish from the ocean. I could see him dressed from head to toe in camo following his daddy through the woods. I could see him riding his boogie board at the beach, building forts in the back yard, working on projects in the shop, trapping things, catching things, or chasing things. I think it's interesting that I don't see him doing school or homework. The memories I have kept are mostly Luke's adventures outside, laughing, dirty, and sweaty. My heart is flooded with little treasures from Luke.

I can't lie, my heart aches as I think about him leaving the nest. He is such a joy in our home! However, the adventurer in my soul can hardly wait to see where every day takes him. I am blessed that Luke and the rest of my children allow me and my husband to take the journey with them, whether it's through text, instagram, a late night phone call, or even a surprise visit! I am so thankful!

I share this part of my heart with you because I hope for you that when your children begin to leave the nest that you get to experience the joy of them wanting you to be a part of their journey.It does not happen over night. It takes time. It takes effort and sometimes sacrifice. May I be the first to tell you, it is definitely worth it! My heart is so sad when I hear people say "I am so ready for him or her to go!" It's one thing for it to be time for them to leave the nest, it is clearly another if you are "ready" for them to be gone! It's never too late for a "redo"! Set aside time this week to be with your child, whether it's a date for coffee or a date to the park. Invest quality time in your relationships with your children, and I promise  the return will be more than you could have ever imagined!!!                                             Love love love Ruthie


  1. Thank you, Ruthie! I have tears in my eyes after reading that! Thanks for reminding us to treasure our time with our children. May God be with you as you adjust to Luke being away at college. Hugs to you.

  2. I have a senior this year and just wish time could stand still. I sat the other day going through 8mm tapes that were unorganized and out of cases, that meant I had to go through each one in order to put them back into their proper cases. WOW it hit me, I sat for 3 hours on the floor crying. Although sad for me I am also very proud and happy for Carlee as she steps into the next journey and cant wait to see what God has in store for her!!!!! P.S. I'm enjoying all the extra hugs and I love yous from her!!!!

  3. You are the bomb, Ruthie. You say exactly what I feel. It's been a tough adjustment for all of us, but I know that we will all get through it. Keep those positive words coming!!!

  4. Ruthie,
    I agree with you. They grow up so fast! I also agree with you that Luke is one of many of your treasures. We will miss him! I do know God has great things in store for this young man. Can't wait to watch! You know the visits they give us are so much more special for them and for us when they do come home. That I am grateful for.

  5. Ruthie,
    I love hearing this. When I came home that night from moving Graham there were many tears. The next morning I sat on the floor of his empty room and just cried my heart out thinking about how much I am going to miss one of my BEST FREINDS and spiritual mentors. But God reminded me of something. Graham does not belong to Tim and I, Graham belongs to God and we are just so blessed to be his parents here on earth. I am so excited for this new journey that Graham is on and I am so thankful, like you, that Graham wants Tim and I to be a part of that journey. I have to remind myself to let him have his space but it is so funny that he seems to call me just when I need to hear his voice. I am also very excited that Luke is a part of that journey and I LOVE being around his sweet spirit. You can just tell that God is working in Luke's life. So, thank you so much for this message and I am praying for you, Eddie, Fox and KK as you adjust to this new chapter.

  6. Ruthie...my eyes are flooded with tears as I read your beautiful post. My heart aches for you and I truly can identify with your half empty nest syndrome. It is so bitter sweet because you are so excited about their next chapter in their life, but you also miss having them home. Thank goodness we still have our Hunter home for a couple more years. Doug Jr. left yesterday for his Senior year at UCF. Thank goodness he is only a couple hours away. We had so much fun with him this summer. Cody has been working so incredibly hard getting ready for the upcoming football season. Being that he is 9 hours from home has been a real adjustment for me and he hardly gets to come because of football. I remember 2 years ago when we dropped Cody off and the football coaches said," Say your goodbyes." I truly did say goodbye but he is so incredibly happy that it makes my heart happy. Thank goodness Auburn is ALL IN and all about Family because Cody truly feels part of a very special family, including all the wonderful Auburn Fans. We have never regretted one minute all the precious times we have spent with our boys. Memories that we will always treasure in our hearts. I treasured my birthday this past July when Cody flew home for the weekend and surprised me. For 3 days, I had all my boys under one roof Priceless!! It truly is wonderful that our children allow us to be a part of their lives like you said through texting, emails, or just that wonderful unexpected call just to say HI!! Yesterday, I got both of those just to say HI calls from Doug Jr. and Cody and it just melted my heart. I have only had the priviledge to meet Mary Cam who is so absolutely precious. I so look forward to meeting Towns this Fall too!. You and your dear husband have done an amazing job raising your children and you have given them so much love and spirituality that they will soar in their next chapters in their lives. They are so blessed to have such wonderful , nurturing parents!!! Blessings to you, Ruthie! xoxo Kelly